Arrested Development Character Posters

Did we say yesterday was made for us? More like this whole entire week! And the month of May already seems like a general win also.

Zip up, because the Bluths are back in business and these new character posters are fantastic. Our excitement can only be compared to how Buster must have felt the time he thought he found that giant juice box...

And now we present you with this hilarious new clip from season 4 featuring Buster and Lucille.

Mrs. Carter in H&M

This day was essentially made for us.

A dazzling new H&M commercial has arrived, starring Beyonce in the role of a lifetime: Mrs. Carter in H&M.

To summarize:

She looks great as a blonde.
She looks great as a brunette.
Flowing fabrics accompanied by a calypso beat are fierce.
Her new music sounds fab.
It probably took an army of sycophants to remove all the sand from Mrs. Carter's body. That sand should be on Ebay.
And we sincerely hope this headdress is part of the collection:


Gatsby 2013: Lavish Set Design Revealed

In customary style, we will continue to overwhelm you with any and all news of Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby adaptation (i.e. OUR IMAGINARY LIVES PERSONIFIED).

Here we present the STUNNING set, complete with Polo players and candelabras. Colour us breathless.

Recommended listening for enjoying this post, scroll slowly:

Jay Gatsby’s opulent ballroom.

Gatsby’s sleek ’20s bedroom. Where all your fantasies live.

His mansion’s digitally enhanced exterior was modeled after Gold Coast estates on New York’s Long Island.

Nick Carraway’s charming cottage was conceived to project his relative wholesomeness.

The home’s Arts and Crafts–style interior.

The grounds of Daisy and Tom Buchanan’s redbrick manor, partly inspired by Old Westbury Gardens on Long Island.

The Buchanans’ sitting room.

Source: Architectural Digest. What you didn't think we read that cultural shit? We do.

Spoiler Alert: Lena Dunham Cares About Fashion!

Now, we are not saying she looks good...per se. Just that she is wearing something hot off the runway (Yves Saint Laurent) and her boobs appear to be magically uplifted by the delicate hands of angels (a far cry for every single episode of Girls). Props Lena. Her makeup is pretty nice too.

Texas Forever: I Do Edition

After those trying episodes of Game of Thrones and Mad Men on Sunday, we were concerned the week could only go down hill, then Jason Street got married!

Well, actually, Scott Porter got married and bestowed upon the world a joyous Friday Night Lights reunion! Panther alums Smash and the Riggins brothers were there!

This makes us so happy.

We're sad to see they haven't kept in touch with Seven and, naturally, a swift Google of Matt Saracen followed. It revealed that he also had what appeared to be a Pinterest-fantasy wedding earlier this year (apologies for the old news). Julie Taylor was not there, still cute though:

Admittedly, we've been too obsessed with Nashville to even notice that the kids of Dillon are all grown up.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts people.

Monday Links: Easy Listening Edition

Let's start off this week with some fun international sensations!

We recently discovered this young whippersnapper from New Zealand, Lorde. Listen to her darling voice here. We also love the hair. Girlfriend is 16!

You will thank us for giving you this little piece of wonderful! May 21 cannot come fast enough! How is Pharrell still so sexy? That man does not age. He can get it like that. Ok we're stopping now...

Another treat fer yer ears! Influenced by the soft stylings of Feist, the Malaysian singer Yuna makes us smile. Listen here. Her new album drops May 7. Her Tumblr is pretty cool too.

Alice Smith's new album She is delightful and scrumptious. Here is our fav song so far. Also Vogue featured her as their Artist of the Week earlier this month. Amen sister friend.

Groovingly yours,

Looking at Boys in Magazines: Love of my Life Edition

We cannot tell a lie.

Great Gatsby all day err day and today Leo is featured in this months Esquire. Enjoy old sport and we will promise to consider coming up with something different to discuss tomorrow.

Looking at Daisy Buchanan in Magazines

The countdown is finally on for what we're proclaiming the movie event of the year. So prepare to hear us talk about the Great Gatsby until the blissful moment we place our 3-D glasses on this May 10.

Carey Mulligan is featured in next months Vogue decked out in her Daisy Buchanan finest. The photos are gorg and we're paralyzed with happiness just looking at them!

The Morning After: MTV Movie Awards 2013

Since we have both eschewed cable in the past year, we rely on family and friends who live within 5 km of our homes to watch big TV events like award shows and season premieres. Unfortunately last night's MTV Movie awards did not make the cut; we stayed home. We are in our twenties now and need to reserve our TV watching for culturally enriching material (had to catch up on like 3 episodes of Nashville!).

BUT we are still fashion critics at heart and we love celebrity fashion. Last night's RC was uneventful at best. The "shocking" looks weren't even that shocking and nobody really looked all that great. We don't really have much to say except Eddie Redmayne looked adorable and fierce at the same time.


The Morning After: Mad Men Season 6 Premiere

As our other beloved TV programming proceeds to wrap up their regular seasons, AMC's Mad Men is just getting started! Once again we are introduced to our favourite (Megan) and least favourite (Pete) vintage characters. It's 1969 and things are happening! We will concisely review last night's 2 hour episode through the prominent players:

Peggy: She is most definitely coming into her own, if not a little too much. She is great at what she does, but seems like a tough boss and we predict her underlings will start to hate her and cause trouble! Also, what is going on with Abe? His facial hair and shaggy do, while stylistically on point, are ugly and we miss his clean cut cuteness! We are excited to see more action from these two as a couple, good or bad!

Betty: We are convinced she will be thin and back to fighting weigh by episode 3, and we're fine with it. We are officially scarred by her rape comments, clearly John Francis was too! That would be shocking coming from anyone, let alone Betty Francis' underdeveloped imagination!

Sally: She is turning into such a disagreeable and snotty teenager! Nuff said.

Megan: We loved Megan in this episode. Much like last year's premiere, she really stole the show with her amazing outfits. That beach wear was to die. Megan is consistently the chicest character on television. We cannot wait for her to find out about Don's philandering, she will not take that shit kindly and will likely blow up. Don's second divorce will be nothing like his first!

Roger: We laughed when Roger's shrink said "We discussed this, I can't laugh at everything you say." Mostly because we are pretty sure that's been said to us like a 100 times. His electric blue double breasted jacket for the photoshoot was amazing. His fixation with death leads us to believe he could die this season…although that could be said about Don too.

Don: We are really disappointed with Don's adultery. Did not see it coming! But are impressed with Linda Cardellini's casting, she has come a long (be it under the radar) way from Freaks and Geeks! Anyway, Don is still very troubled and that scene at the funeral was painful to witness. At least he feels bad about the cheating and wants to stop. We don't think he feels bad about the barfing…

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Stills

The premiere of season 6 is this weekend everybody! We are excited and very much open to screening invitations...

Anyway, AMC has released stills from the premiere and they are pretty good. Looks like part of the 2 hour episode will take place at Christmas, how enchanting! For those of you who haven't done your research, here is AMC's synopsis for the premiere:

Don spearheads a new campaign, Roger gets some unsettling news, and Betty takes in a houseguest.

Riveting stuff.

Enjoy these pictures!

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