Thursday Links: Pretty Pretty Prints Edition

1. The 100 Most Insane Patterns on The Mindy Project in Order of Insanity: Mindy Lahiri is notorious for her prints and if you didn't already know that, take a gander at this slideshow for a full on spectacle of stars, stripes and spots. Some of the descriptions are a little harsh, but I guess they are in keeping with the tone of the article. Also, we'd be happy to have any number of these prints in our wardrobes!

2. Bold Prints for Your Screen: Wanting to add a little print action to your everyday life, but not bold enough to take it to the Lahiri level? Well, check out these Desktop Designs from Design Love Fest to add some colour to your computer!

3. The dream lives: A feminist professor at Rutgers is teaching a class about Beyonce. One of these links had to be about Our Queen. Read the piece here. Time to go back to school?

4. And to the Ladies Who Rocked Plaid & Ruled the School: CLUELESS FOREVER. It's almost Friday, which means it's almost time to waste your afternoon surfing the web with no end in sight! Start with this Clueless Quote Quiz. We got 100%, like duh.

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