Hello Wallace and other developments

We've never wanted to be at Comic-Con more than we have this week! Ok, we've never wanted to be at Comic-Con before but we saw pictures of Percy Daggs III there and well you understand.

Percy was there to join Veronica Mars castmates for a panel discussion during which a sneak peek of the movie was presented! We've admittedly been too preoccupied watching it all week to share until now:

Also, we'd like to personally thank the Internet for providing us with this glorious screenshot:

Happy Friday!


Wallace tweeted back at us! Hurrah! We are obvi beyond thrilled. See below for evidence.

The Call: Aftermath

Once upon a time BSBs' AJ McClean really wanted to tell us about a phone call that “changed his destiny” and, don’t lie, you’ve waited 12 years to truly find out how. Well the day has come; this week the Backstreet Boys released a catchy new heartbreak tune called “One Phone Call.” In our humble opinion this is a straight up sequel to the 2001 hit “The Call” and we couldn’t be more intrigued.

In case you need refreshing: in 2001 AJ McClean put on his finest leathers and favorite handkerchief and went to a happening, laser filled nightclub.

While there he called his girlfriend and the following, shocking conversation was had:

Girl: Hello?

AJ: Hi it's me what's up baby? I'm sorry listen I'm gonna be late tonight so don't stay up and wait for me ok?

Girl: Where are you?

AJ: What? say... say that again

Girl: Hello?

AJ: You're really dropping out, I think my battery must be low*. Listen if you can hear me we're going to this place nearby, all right? Gotta go.

*Homeboy could have really used a charger pack.

Naturally we all hypothesized about what happened with this relationship: did he cheat? What exactly happened at the place nearby? Did that lady-mask that Howie D wore help to cover his buddy's tracks? Well folks here is the jarring truth:

"I'm gonna leave my message at the tone / Begging pretty baby come home / 'Cause you're my one, always be my one phone call."

O-M-G. Clearly they DID break up and talk about regret. Clearly someone is still lamenting that fateful evening! Feeling alone and unforgiven. Calling everyday, haunted by blame, comparing life to a prison sentence, always hoping for a "call." Surprising that she never changed her number...

Handsome Fellas Hanging Out: Breaking Bad Edition

The cast of Breaking Bad got together to celebrate the shows forthcoming final season. Suits and champagne were involved aiding in both Aaron Pauls hotness and Bryan Cranstons handsomeness.

It'll be a sad, sad day when these two no longer go on adorable press dates. Even though we do still have a season of Jesse and Mr. White ahead, as well as Emmy red carpet/(hopefully!) winners wear in September, cherish these times.

Designed by PPBB: Beyoncé Concert Wear

The Mrs Carter Toronto concert is only a few days away and we are already feeling all the thrills and chills that are no doubt going to be rippling through our willing bodies on Sunday. If you are like us, you are already planning your outfit accordingly. But wait! Why not dress the part and show up in your best Beyonce lookalike gear? Maybe you'll get noticed and pulled onstage! We can only dream...

Anyway, here we have styled some cute outfits based on some amazing Beyonce music videos. Be warned: Not one to shroud her legs, you might want to start doing some lunges (basically FROM NOW UNTIL THE CONCERT) because these looks are starring LEGS. Fortuitously, it happens to be summer so at least our bare legs won't be that conspicuous.

1 / 2 (MAC Ruby Woo) / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Looking at Fictional Couples in Magazines: Surveillance Edition

Few things cure withdrawal from a beloved and acclaimed television series. That said, occasionally a stunning editorial and cover featuring a to die for Burberry trench coat can ease the pain.

Claire Danes graces the cover of the August Vogue; so apparently Anna Wintour and Annie Leibovitz fangirl Carrie Matheson along with the rest of us. Claire and costar Damien Lewis pose together inside the mag just in time for us to start counting down to Season 3.

ANTM: Mrs. Carter Edition

Beyonce's world domination has landed her on the cover of Flaunt magazine.

We've been told that the editorial was shot back in 2011 for her Year of 4 campaign. We, however, can't help but wonder if these are actually from some sort of lost cycle of America's Next Top Model. Her smize is really killing it.

Glitter-posing Challenge:

Tyra Beauty Shot Challenge:

Tribal Body Paint Challenge:

Black and White Challenge:

In all seriousness we LOVE the cover and think you should too. Also that glitter must have been a bitch to remove, non? We recommend a pressure washer...

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