Anatomy of a Hottie: Olympic Edition

Before you say anything, we are sorry team Canada. You totally have a lot of hotties to offer us, Alexandre Despatie, Adam van Koeverden, Brent Hayden, Alexandre Despatie and even that guy who looks shockingly like Kanye West (can anyone identify him?). But they haven't won gold medals (yet!) and ever since we saw that Vogue cover, American & now three time medal winner Ryan Lochte has really captured our feminine attentions. Win or lose, weird tweets & all we are glued to the tv when this guy is in the pool.

And if that isn't enough, watch this video of the almost too good looking American swim team and tell us you didn't swoon at the 1 minute mark:

Also, for your future reference check out the aforementioned, very crush worthy Canadian hotties still yet to compete in the games:

Happy Olympics,


2012 Summer Olympics: Highs and Major Lows of the Male Gymnast

Much like royal brothers William and Harry, I spent the afternoon casually viewing the male gymnastics team final with my sibling, supporting Great Britain as they made history! During which we both inexplicably developed a soft spot for 21-year-old, ginger, floor routine star Daniel Purvis.

In order to learn more about one Daniel Purvis, we turned to Google & what we found was a video from earlier in the year. It might just make you chuckle enough to forget the pesky stunt the Japanese team pulled in order to secure the silver medal (I better not see them celebrating!). So glad Dan bounced back & competed in London this year, how many deductions do you think falling on a judge is?

What I love about the Olympics, besides the fact that there is always something to watch on TV, is that you to stumble across such hidden gems as the above, that you otherwise wouldn’t consider.

Congratulations GB on that bronze medal almost 100 years in the making! Also, Louis Smith we love your hair.

Happy Olympics,


2012 Summer Olympics: Harper Hits London

A lot of futile speculation surrounded the seemingly neglected David Beckham's participation in the London 2012 opening ceremonies. Really, what I wanted to speculate about was if style icon and arm candy Harper Beckham would be involved. She was not.

I find it deplorable that such a British icon as she was overlooked. Her royal highness the Queen was there, Daniel Craig participated and even that insufferable Sir Paul McCartney flopped about. I am left dumbfounded.

Much like her father, over the past while Harper has devoted a lot of her time to Olympic preparations. Taking time out of her busy, wool tight wearing schedule to help her father train for his now publicized role of Olympic torch "deliverer". Below is a look back at that important training:

And only because I know you are as obsessed with her as I, and want her to get the praise she so deserves I've taken this opportunity to create Harper Seven Beckham her own Olympic profile:

Country Great Britain

Sport Being fierce

Born 2011

Age 1

Height 26 ½ inches

Weight 21 lbs.

Happy Olympics,


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New Downton Abbey Images (because we will take whatever we can)

Good afternoon crumpets!

Since we don't even know when we will be viewing the third season of DA, we present to you the newly revealed cast photo for season 3. It is not great and wildly photoshopped, but allowances must be made to accommodate a large cast wearing abundantly more clothing than what we are normally used to seeing on TV. AND Shirley MacClaine!

The cast parties it up in LA.

The daughters of Downton looking fashionably fierce, if not a little morbid for Love magazine.

If we won't be seeing any actual episodes until next year (gasp!), let's hope we can at least look forward to more and more printed and public appearances from this talented cast.

Familiar Faces: TV Edition

Do you remember when Shoshana was on Mad Men? Neither did we! She once played Peggy’s lesbian friend Joyce, does that qualify as medium size baggage?

Zosia Mamet we love you! Do yourself a favor, if you already haven’t, use your summer wisely and rewatch the debut season of Girls — we just did!

As Seen on SJP and Us! : Volume 4

Sock bun!

Whenever we see a perfectly styled bun atop a dainty head, we can’t help ourselves. In manner of Pavlov's dog, we are compelled to yell out SOCK BUN or leave a simple #sockbun comment under your instagrams at any and every sighting. It’s pretty irrational. But are you going to fight us on this?

Obviously if you’re anything like us, you’ve experienced your fair share of sock bun envy. As much as all those YouTube videos promise an easy imitation of Carrie's look circa season 4, it can be surprisingly exasperating!  

After months of trials, error and ruining socks, we have finally achieved the perfect sock bun, but alas, we are not even using socks anymore! We present to you the HAIR DONUT.

Now, before you run out to your local Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadians only), we must warn you that the HAIR DONUT is seemingly only available in the UK (Primark, hollah!) But we were lucky enough to get our greedy little hands on them during a, what now seems like destiny, trip to London! But if you have found a HAIR DONUT here in North America, we would love to hear from you. Must stock up. 

Or may we suggest booking your flight? Give our regards to Harry and Wills.

Here is a great video tutoring you on how to achieve a simple and effective sock bun. Tell your friends!

And there's this...

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