Friday Links: 2 Beys and Some Other Ones

1. Dramatic Readings of Beyonce Songs: This may be one of the greatest things to ever grace the intertubes! Actress Nina Millin gives If I were a boy, Irreplaceable and Mine the poise and respect they deserve. We can only hope there will more of these videos to come.

2. Michelle Williams' New Song Say Yes: It's formidable effort, and we gotta give her props for a not horrible Jesus loving song. Her voice seems to have improved a touch. But alas, Beyonce straight-up steals the show with that hair and goddess-like ensemble. AMEN! Keep on clappin' Michelle! Ride those glorious coattails as long as you possibly can.

3. It's A Quiz About OITNB: We had you a quiz right?!? We are this close to being done the second season, and it's all we can do to leave work immediately to find out what happens to Red! This quiz on matching inmates with their crimes will have to keep us going unit closing time.

4. Mindy Khaling Has a New Book On The Way: We are pretty pumped about this since we quite liked her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?. Read a bit about her next literary endeavour here.

Happy Friday punks!

Decor Inspiration: The Cafe Chair

This classic chair actually goes by many names, the Vienna Cafe chair and the Thonet Chair are among the most popular. It is considered one of the first "Modern" furniture designs and, if my memory of second year International Design class is accurate (no one can know for sure…), it's also an example of one of the first mass-produced pieces of furniture; take that Billy Bookcase! Designed by Michael Thonet in 1859, the Thonet Chair remains in production to this day and can be found in homes, offices, restaurants, and cafés around the world. Crate & Barrel sells a nice version, but vintage shouldn't be that hard to find either. I've got my eye on the 20th century one sitting in the corner of my parent's guest room!

See below for some ideas on how to incorporate this classic chair into your home!

Editor's Note: This series of posts is a means to explore the furniture pieces we can easily envision decorating our very own homes. So don't be surprised if you are invited over and end up sitting on one of these babies!

Also dramatically featured at the Mrs Carter Tour:

If that performance doesn't convince you to buy the chair, we don't know what will.

Friday Links: TGIF Edition

Happy afternoon comrades!

Today's links don't have all that much in common, but they sure are fun! It has to be said, what this blog lacks in depth, it more than makes up for in Beyoncé. Tally-ho, on to it!

1. Orange Is The New Black gets the Arrested Development treatment: Watch OITNB credits à la Arrested Development here. It's pretty great. New season starts streaming TODAY!!!!! Bravo Netflix. (Although, makes me feel a little funny since it brings back the 4th season of AD…)

2. 8 Insanely Lucky Flea Market Finds: These are actually pretty unbelievable. Check out the list here. It finally might be a good time to help your grandma clean out the cold storage!

3. Dreaming of this dreamy loft of my dreams: Do you have loft-envy?? One of us actually lives in her very own old factory loft…the other does not. Anyway, this loft is divine. I'll live in a loft one day. MARK MY WORDS.

4. The Bachelor's New Summer Fling: Bachelor in Paradise. What a name! Well, I think it's pretty obvious that this reality show will be a SMASH HOME RUN. Or will be super boring and depressing, either way, we are tuning in FOR SHIZZLE. Clare from Juan's season debacle will take part, and the infamous Ben Scott from Desiree's season will be there. We were secretly hoping for Desiree's badass brother, but I don't think ABC would be able to control him as easily as the rest of these schmucks. See the scoop here.

¡Feliz viernes muchachos!

Looking at Our Queen in Magazines: Part 102

Ok, so it's not technically our 102nd post featuring Queen Bey on a magazine cover, but it sure feels like it!

Beyoncé covers the latest issue of The New York Times Style Magazine, T, photographed by one of our favs Juergen Teller, and she's looking hotter than ever! That devil-may-care-hair packs quite a punch and we will spend the summer trying to emulate it.

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