Looking at Girls in Magazines: The Smiling Olsen Edition

Hello party people!

It's Friday and it's been a looonnnnnggggg week, hasn't it?

Check out Elizabeth Olsen on the June 2014 issue of Marie Claire UK. She looks pretty great! It's refreshing (and oh so rare) to see an Olsen looking pleasant and cheerful. Very becoming.

Here's an excerpt from inside:

On still riding the subway and enjoying being totally unrecognizable: “I hope that never changes. I’m never bothered anywhere. Only occasionally someone will say, ‘Have we met before? You look so familiar.’”

On her idol Michelle Pfeiffer: “‘I never had a heart-throb or a band I loved, but I had Michelle Pfeiffer, so I tried to copy what my friends would do and had magazine pictures cut out in frames. She was the reason I wanted to be an actor.”

On her upcoming nuptials: “I’m relaxed about it, but I am excited and planning ideas because it’s fun It’s just like throwing a party to celebrate life. I love being in a relationship a lot.”

On not planning a joint wedding with sister Mary-Kate Olsen: “I just told her she gets to pick a date first.”

Smile on girlfriend!

Decor Inspiration: The IKEA PS Cabinet

Now that we are considered adults in the eyes of the law (actually have been for almost a decade), we are unsteadily straddling the line between budget and high end furniture. We care more and more about the decor of our apartments and what we used to perceive as the shit, we now think of as tack-city. Are we alone in this?

As much as we want to furnish our homes exclusively from West Elm and Crate and Barrel, we gotta be smart. So we have gathered up some inspirational images of a classic Ikea piece: the PS cabinet in white. It's easy to brush off Ikea as college era-only furniture, but we would disagree with you on that madame! Ikea has lots to offer, you just have to be discerning. We have featured Ikea products before and will continue to do so!

We have loved this "locker" style cabinet for a while and we think you will too!

The Wayward Gosling Returns

He's back. Doing what he does best: walking through the airport, looking remarkable. Past admiration seen here.

He's in Cannes all week. Lets try not to scare him away again.

Happy Monday, we missed you.


Morning After: Cate Blanchett at Cannes Film Festival

We've never been so glib as to devote a Morning After post to just one, specific person (exception: Pete Campbell!) but after seeing Cate Blanchett at the Cannes Film Festival it cannot be helped. She stunned, and won the whole thing.

Givenchy The back: Armani Prive & Valentino Delpozo The back: Armani Privé

Mad Men Emmy Ads

The important people over at AMC have released some super funky and creative For Your Consideration Emmy Ads for Mad Men. To be honest, we weren't aware that shows did this kind of thing, but given the subject matter of the show, we must distribute props where props are due!

We particularly love the Sally ad. My mum would have died for those lace tights! We also can't help but notice that Betty's ad is the only one without a short description. Perhaps AMC has reconciled to the fact that January Jones offers little more than an icy glare in most scenes and didn't feel right about describing her performances as elegantly and tastefully as the others'.

See more Mad Men vintage ads after the jump!

Morning After: Costume Institute Met Gala 2014

Last night, Hollywood's most fashionable stars gathered for $25,000 a ticket at the 2014 Met Gala. Some of us pay $25,000 to go to a museum exhibit, others illegally alter their old student ID in order to save $3 on a student pass.

Anyway, as always, the beautiful people were out and shining and we are here to pick favourites!

Most Expected, yet Acceptable: Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta. Classic SJP and we adore it.

Most Excruciatingly Divine Couple: Without a doubt The Carters. Beyoncé is wearing Givenchy. ***FLAWLESS

Most Underwhelming and Disappointing: Rachel McAdams in Ralph Lauren. She looks good, but could look so much better! Especially when an ex-boyfriend is walking the RC with a new lady love...

Best Classic Black and White: Hailey Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung and Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture. There was a ton of black and white on the RC, but the two ladies both look spectacular. BRAVA!

Friday Links: Funny Ladies Edition

We realize we haven't posted in some time. But now that we have secured tickets to On the Run, we are back in the saddle sportsfans!

For today's links, we present to you some straight-up hilarious women.

1. Ilana Glazer's YouTube show: For those of you who already know and love Broad City (if you haven't yet watched, we just don't even know what to say to you), you'll go nuts for Ilana's YouTube show Chronic Gamer Girl. She interviews randos, talks about and plays video games, and just basically rambles and it's really good. Since Broad City's first season is over, we are soaking up all the internet has to offer by these two chicas. Truly delightful stuff.

2. Showtime's Women Who Kill: A standup special on Netflix ya'll! Starring Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Nikki Glaser and Marina Franklin. Amy Schumer's part is pretty standard (good) and Nikki Glaser jokes in a very similar fashion. Marina Franklin, however, really stands out. We were laughing pretty hard. Check out one of her bits on YouTube here.

3. Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham's new show Playing House: The pilot was a little rocky, but we liked the second episode and, based on the pair's first stab at a sitcom (Best Friends Forever) we think it will only get better. These two make a great team and we still aren't tired of female friendships driving the plot. Along with Girls, Broad City, Parks and Rec, and even Orange is the New Black, we think female focused sitcoms don't always have to revolve around romance.

Happy Friday folks. Keep on chucklin'.

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