Looking at Kimye in Magazines

A mere week ago Kim Kardashian vowed to start keeping her relationship with Kanye West private. Below is the recently released, pretty provocative cover of L'Officiel Hommes March issue:

Read about more ill-timed Kardashian moments here.

The Morning After: The 85th Academy Awards

It came true...

We need to get this right out of the way from the top:

This is by far the biggest win of the evening! Two of our picks made it on the RC. We could not be more thrilled and we have determined that we are basically the voice of fashion.

Ok, now that that's out in the open we can concentrate our ramblings to last night's singing sensation of a show! It was in fact a show full of musical moments and we didn't hate it. We were actually impressed with Seth MacFarlane's musical stylings and he was pretty funny at times. We will admit to underestimating him. We will not openly admit to developing a tiny crush on him...

Now let's discuss the fashion (since we are now official style critics and mavens):

Best Dressed Ladies: Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive, Naomi Watts in Armani Prive (Amazing season for Armani Prive, this dress is flippin' pin point) and Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab.

Worst Dressed Lady: Anne Hathaway in Prada. Apparently Hathaway pulled a last minute switcheroo and wore this apron styled as an early 2000's prom dress. She has been dropping the ball ALL AWARDS' SEASON. Who is advising her? This cannot continue.

Honourable Mentions: Halle Berry in Versace, Bond Girl indeed! Those breasts look like Barbie's. Selma Hayek in Alexander McQueen and Charlize Theron in Dior Couture.

Best Dressed Men: DDL of course and Chris Pine in double breasted!

Worst Dressed Men: Mark Wahlberg in painted on tux and Russell Crowe in too tight tux.

Unexpected cute guy who received the most camera time: The adorable Suraj Sharma from Life of Pi.

Best Dressed couple: We have to give this to Ben and Jen. Although we were stunned (in a bad way) by the bizarre train/bustle, we loved the colour. She deserves this win after Ben told the world that it is hard work being married to her.

Most improved: Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan. She is actually making great leaps forward with this gown.

Sparkliest of all the sparkly dresses: Meryl Streep in Lanvin.

Biggest disasters: Renee Zelleweger in Carolina Herrera obviously (We think the red carpet correspondents who even ask her who she's wearing should be fired and replaced permanently by Kelly Rowland). Thank god for Queen Latifah stepping up as the consummate professional that she is. And we later found out Kristen Stewart was on crutches. But is that a valid excuse for sighing audibly while Daniel Radcliffe is presenting? No it is not.

Best 20 seconds: Jennifer Lawrence winning Best Actress, stumbling on the stairs (we knew that dress would be too much for her, or anyone) and Hugh Jackman rushing over to assist her, what a gentleman!

Best Joke: The missing Von Trapp family.

It was ok to be confused by: He loooooooves Gooooldddd. Bradley Cooper's mum's feather bolero jacket. Russell Crowe trying to sing. And why are sound editors required to have long flowing white hair?

We would like to thank Mike and Kevin for hosting a fantastic Oscars viewing party last night!

Sing-songingly yours,

The 3rd Ever Bangin' Awards: Oscars Edition

Don't say we didn't warn you we'd be 100% devoted to the Oscars this week. In typical pre-award show fashion we like to honour fictitious characters' personal style from the past year in film. Yes, Daniel Craig made the list again, not our fault that the man straight up wears the shit out of clothes.

Best dressed male character in a motion picture
Daniel Craig as James Bond, Skyfall

Go to look: Classic tuxedos, crisp three piece suits and smart separates.
Enviable accessories: Sunglasses, weaponry and women. Also that darling scarf he wore in the Scottish countryside.
We’d like to see him in: Back in beachwear.

Best-dressed supporting male character in a motion picture
Stanley Tucci as Caeser Flickerman, The Hunger Games

Go to look: Futuristic Karl Lagerfeld.
Enviable accessories: Signature blue hair, sparkles and pocket squares.
We’d like to see him in: A fashionable kilt or possibly Peeta Mellarks fire suit. Could get interesting either way.

Best dressed female character in a motion picture
Kiera Knightley as Anna Karenina, Anna Karenina

Go to look: Lace-trimmed gowns.
Enviable accessories: Luxurious furs, hats and glittery diamonds.
We’d like to see her in: Casual wear. The J. Crew Spring RTW collection could have really worked for her when she ran away to Italy.

Best dressed supporting female character in a motion picture
Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, The Dark Knight Rises

Go to look: Black leather, most notably in the form of a cat suit.
Enviable accessories: That amazing lace mask and killer heels.
We’d like to see her in: Colour, other than an orange prison issued onesie.

Best dressed cast of characters in a motion picture, considering the circumstances
The cast of Les Miserables

Go to look: Poverty chic.
Enviable accessories: Military jackets, fingerless gloves, scarfs, page boy caps and the French flag.
We’d like to see them in: Freedom & our dreams (Marius specific...)

Best decade-hair in a motion picture
The cast of Argo

Go to look: Shag. Sweet afro on Victor Garbers' character.
Enviable accessories: Mustaches, beards, and spot on 70's eyewear.
What we'd like to see them in: It's all good, timeless really.

Best overall hair in a motion picture:
Merida, Brave

Go to look: Untamed, free flowing ginger curls.
Enviable accessories: None. Any accoutrement would be far too restricting, she wants her freedom.
What we'd like to see her in: Sock bun.

Special PPBB Oscars Activity: Bingo

Hello people of the Internet!

If you are anything like us, you have already invited a group of like-minded pals to your place to watch the big event, snaps girlfriends! Well as a special treat we would like to offer you our Oscars Bingo game! Print out the photos below and get ready for a roaring good time! Tell each guest to fill out their Oscar winner picks in the 4 corners of their card. Game on!

Click here to download 6 cards.

10 Ways to Feel Like You Are At The Academy Awards

If you have any pop culture or gossip prowess you no doubt love award season! Settling down to watch your favourite actors battle it out over shiny, oddly shaped trophies sends an inexplicable chill through your body.

Visions of you and Leonardo DiCaprio walking the red carpet dance through your head. You cook up dream scenarios that place you front row as that fresh faced gal of the people, in the designer dress, that Leo is so enamored with that he praises you with love during his Best Actor acceptance speech. But alas, life has killed that dream you dream as year after year you sit at home; organizing an Oscar pool for your out-of-touch office mates who've barely even heard of the talkies.

Not to fret kittens, we've dedicated our lives to making your dreams a reality, and have compiled this helpful list of ways for you to feel like you're at the Academy Awards!

Divide all the people in your life into helpful categories of 5. Call them at 5am in the morning to deliver the news. Example nominations: Best Work Wardrobe, Best Hand Writing, Best Phone Answerer and so on. Obviously tailor them to suit your social circle's attributes and accomplishments.

This one will take some forethought. Try to get into various trade shows around your city. If you live in a large metropolis, there should be plenty of conferences to frequent. Collect all the freebies you can from the booths - we're talking stress balls, pens, and (most coveted) Post-Its. Gather all your free trinkets into a bag and voilà: Your very own swag bag!

Borrow jewelry from your nearest fine jeweler. This may prove difficult as you likely have no pull or credit with these folks, so we recommend purchasing some costume jewels from a retail shop with a lax return policy. We recommend Banana Republic (you can even return earrings!).

Purchase and use only accessory and home decor items in metallic colours (this includes plates, mugs, hair brushes, purses etc.) One never knows when a suitable statue substitute will be useful and you don't want to be empty handed when you start delivering long-winded acceptance speeches (See Item 9).

Lay down red carpet wherever your starlet feet may potentially take you. You can also swiftly take a play from Tom Haverford's handbook here and line all your shoes with red carpet to save time and effort.

Even if nobody asks, tell everyone you encounter the exact details of your outfit. Do not be ashamed; that J. Crew sweater and Joe Fresh necklace deserve the publicity. If you want to take it to the next level, take 360° images of yourself, post it on Instagram as your own interpretation of E! GlamCam (@ryanseacrest for a unique level of realism).

Use your iPhone to record yourself screaming your name in a variety of voices, accents, and tones. Throw in a few "Who are you wearing?" callouts for good measure. Use Garage Band to create an mp3. Hit play and enjoy the praise. You can also unscrew the lightbulbs in your apartment to produce a slight flicker. This will create the illusion of paparazzi flashing as gathering crowds yell out your name.

Start playing moderately loud music over the phone when you want people to WRAP IT UP. Effective when your mother calls to discuss Aunt Silvia's botched face-lift. Also practical when you compliment an acquaintance on their outfit and they go on and on about where they got it and how they got such a deal because it was Boxing Day. No one cares and you were just being nice. (Although these types could easily be enacting Item 6, proceed with caution.)

When thanking gracious guests for attending your party or even that trusty cashier at the local HastyMarket, also remember to thank God, your parents, your co-stars, director and fellow shoppers/attendees as well. Never forget your spouse (if applicable!); you'll want to avoid a public fallout at all costs (can be used in tandem with Item 4.)

Practice your winning/losing faces in the mirror, as one should always be doing. This face is also quite useful in work meetings when your boss takes all the credit for your million dollar idea.

Winningly yours,


What Will They Wear: Oscar Ladystars

Prepare yourselves, as we are about to talk about the Academy Awards for a solid 6-7 days. The following are our predictions for this year's Red Carpet starlets.

Looking at Girls in Magazines: Zosia Mamet in Foam

We must say Zosia looks adorably chic in these photos! We don't like to generalize, but you can pretty much tell a person's personality by their fashion (or how they've been styled by a stylist) and we think we could be BFF's with Zosia. She looks totally amaze.

You're Single & It's Valentines Day

Well it could be worse. Here's how:

You could be...

Edith Crawley.

The star of Teen Mom.

or Lindsay Lohan.

You could be dating...

Chris Brown.

Tom Cruise.

or Jake Pavelka.

You could be wearing...

a Snooki Outfit.

Or you could have...

just broken up with Taylor Swift.

Live it up!

Happy Valentines xo

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