We love the documentary Catfish, almost as much as Nev thought he loved Meghan OR as much as Angela actually loved Nev (watch the doc if you’re confused by what we just said: you.will.die.)

Anyway, we once cooked up a delicious plot to “catfish” a ghastly ex-boss of ours, sadly this never panned out. If only we knew then that it could have gotten us on the new MTV series Catfish and one step closer to crush Nev Schulman we would have tried a little harder!

Catfish doesn’t premiere until November 12, but for now you can do some slight and resonable Instagram stalking of your own by following photographer and the show's star @nevschulman.

Enjoy this promo for the show:

Happy Halloween!

Boots for Everyone! (And other European Trends)

Upon my return from a whirlwind Euro trip I have taken note of various cultural happenings and tendencies:

In the majestic country of Belgium they have changed the French word for seventy! So here in Canada we say "soixante-dix" which translate to "sixty-ten". It is, admittedly, ludicrous, but is it hard to argue with your French math teacher in a language that isn't English. So the best and brightest minds in French speaking Belgium (and Switzerland too I'm told) have unilaterally changed "soixante-dix" to the more logical "septante". I discovered this in a book store where I was buying French tabloids (for Lauren obvi). The total came to 3,70 Euros (for 3 magazines, cheap i know!!) and after I asked the cashier to repeat twice, I briskly handed him a fiver and waited for change. Anyway, I inquired later with some locals and turns out the whole country says "septante" now, they also changed ninety ("quatrevingt-dix") to "nonante". Big stuff.

What I also took away from my travels is that every female in Europe wears boots exclusively this time of year. I felt utterly obtus in my Converse when I clearly should have been wearing caramel brown knee high riding boots.

Now, I know what you're thinking: boots on ladies is plentiful here in North America. But I will stridently tell you, it is not quite so prevalent. My note was also endorsed by a friend's mother who also visited Europe recently and remarked on the same phenomen. There you have it, TWO opinions are better than one.

Ok, I've really worked myself up now.

If you wanna be like the Europeans (who doesn't?) than what you have to ask yourself is a) what is your boot budget? b) what is your boot style preference?

Here are some options for those of you too lazy to do your own research!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

The Bachelor Canada: Thick and Thin (Eyebrows...)

So, as we're sure many of you are well aware, the Bachelor Canada is well on its way to becoming one of Canada's most successful exports after Justin Beiber. This week's episode promised a lot of surprises and it sure did deliver, but what it consistently delivers week after week is bad fashion, questionable morals and a lot of tears. Translation: great opportunities for us to make snarky comments at other people's expenses. Result!

Here is our simple breakdown of this weeks episode:


#toomanytears #toomanypastels



#oversizedeyebrows #movember




Anatomy of a Hottie: Newcomer Edition

We’ve stumbled upon a new hottie and his name is Stephen Amell! He stars as bow and arrow wielding vigilante Oliver Queen in Arrow.

Now this isn’t our usual viewing genre (ie. not really a comedy or romance, not set in early 20th-century England and doesn’t air on HBO…) so we were skeptical at first, but honestly this body is not to be ignored. Trust. Amells shirt comes off and you’re instantly hooked, also the storyline is pretty intriguing –-can be described as Revenge meets Dark Knight…

Furthermore, some investigative Googling revealed he is from Toronto and played Cece’s loser boyfriend Kyle on New Girl (good excuse to re-watch some early episodes, score!). He's winning our hearts and here are a few reason why:


Elle magazine celebrated its Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday and some of our favourite lady actors were in attendance.

We love these bold and colorful looks that are always a nice break from typical black! It was particularly lovely to see Kristen Wiig finally give up on that nude craze she's been trying to make happen for herself, here is hoping she reads this and continues to spice it up every now and again.

(Rashida Jones in Calvin Klein, Kristen Wiig in Calvin Klein, Emma Stone in Valentino, Danai Gurira in Kimberly Ovitz, Leslie Mann in Calvin Klein, Octavia Spencer Tadashi Shoji)

Familiar Faces: Educational Edition

I always forget how attractive Ben Affleck is until he's promoting a movie. More shamefully, I also always forget he was that kid in the 1980's PBS series The Voyage of the Mimi!

We owe Ben a lot, without that scientific research vessel (The Mimi) our early understanding of biology, mathematics, and more importantly survival skills would be less than impressive!

Warning: If this post provides you a sudden urge for Affleck viewing I don't recommend rehashing old Mimi episodes (particularly the one where the scientist gets in a sleeping bag with an old man to prevent hypothermia...), there are better ways to spend a half hour. Maybe buy a ticket to see Ben's new movie Argo, you'll thank me later.

Best Decision Ever?

Life is beautiful.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be co-hosting the Golden Globes this year!
Thank you NBC.

Movie Poster Monday

I was pretty excitable when I saw the recently released, characters posters for Les Misérables. So like any sane person, this got me to Googling some other star-studded movies currently topping my anticipated viewing list. Check them out!

Les Misérables, December 25 2012

Anna Karenina, November 9 2012

Gangster Squad, January 2013

Skyfall, October 26 2012

Identity Thief, February 8 2013


Looking at Boys in Magazines

Caitlin's off gallivanting around Europe and what this means for me is I'm left to peruse North American newsstands solo this month...sure it's lonely but who can complain with these charmers around?

Colin Farrell covers DETAILS November 2012

Scott Speedman covers Elle Man November 2012

Matthew Fox in DA Man Magazine October/November 2012

Daniel Craig covers Vanity Fair November 2012

AND British GQ November 2012

Gawkingly yours,



The cast of Clueless reunited recently & while we are gutted that it isn't for a sequel (centered around Josh and Cher's wedding, of course) we're excited for this feature in Entertainment Weekly's always fun Reunion Issue.

We are happy to see most of the cast looking pretty good (Ms. Geist!) with the exception of one Christian Last Name Unknown who seems, sadly, to be a Baldwin no more! This video from ABC News is worth a watch, the cast jokes about their favourite, now classic phrases and Alicia Silverston even makes mention of PPBB vocabulary fav: sporadically (head to the 4 minute mark if you don't have that much time)!

Happy Friday Homies!

PS. We're sad that Josh, Elton and Mr. Hall are missing too...

Familiar Faces: He's So Cute Edition!

There are 3 official things our fiction-obsessed hearts love about re-watching Veronica Mars:

1. The snappy dialogue, of course.

2. Logan Echolls and the will they/won’t they of it all! (Bet you thought we’d start with that didn’t you?)

3. The outrageous plots that almost always demand a multitude of new and random characters. Many of which have truly foreshadowed future loves of our television lives (Adam Scott as the dishonourable Mr. Rooks!).

This brings us to one of our latest and greatest discoveries (okay, bit of a stretch as we’ve known about this connection since mid-fall 2011!): New Girl's Schmidt, played by recent Emmy nominee, Max Greenfield, is none other than Veronica Mars' long lost love interest: deputy Leo D'Amato (11 episodes!).

We LOVED Leo on V. Mars and were always rooting for those two to make it work, but Veronica irrevocably messed that one up.

ALSO we would like to take this opportunity to announce that this is our 100th post to date, result! We are so pumped to share this milestone with you and Schmidt, of course! As he might say, working on Pretty Pretty Bang Bang has been "tens across the board. No splash." So thank you for being such loyal or even fair-weather readers (we love you anyway), we appreciate it.


Caitlin and Lauren xo

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