New 'Yoncé Resolutions

After a glory filled week of scrutinization, text message fanfare and overall bewilderment, we finally had the opportunity to come together over the weekend to adore the only thing that is to be adored currently (Christ-what?): Beyoncé.

In doing so we made some heavy declarations; including one-hundy-percent locking down a #flawless dance routine to Jealous in time for cottage sing along season. More pressing however, and on the heels of a brand new year, we'd like to share with you 10 life experiences we are resolving for as a direct result of the The GAMAW (Goddess Among Men And Women) that is Beyoncé.

10. Fight over a hairdryer with a beauty pageant contestant.

9. Fly to Paris, get in town car. Sing: "Driver roll up the partition please."

8. Determine what are cigars on ice. Incorporate into life accordingly.

7. Sneeze to make the beat get sicker.

6. Get pregnant while listening to Rocket. Just kidding, mom.

5. Create work appropriate outfit consisting of fur cape/coat and bathing suit.

4. Establish how "Pull up on ya" is achieved. Execute. With someone you love and trust implicitly obviously.

3. Flex in Texas.

2. Cook a a penthouse...half naked.

...and our #1 'Yonce Resolution.

What is on your list for 2014??

Links: Fail-Proof Recipes We Love

In the interest of full disclosure, we want you to know we are not professional cooks and did not invent the following recipes. They are simply a short list of dishes that we have made multiple times and always turn out heavenly. Amen sister friend!

For those of you that have some extra time around the holidays (Jewish?) and, coincidentally, are not naturally gifted in the art of cooking, give these guys a try!

1. Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas Casserole: Making this casserole is chief among my accomplishments. This healthy and tasty recipe takes a bit of prep, but it's worth the extra muscle! It's great to make for a relaxed dinner party.

2. Zucchini Fritters: This recipe smugly calls them courgettes, but that's fine. They are delectable little crowd pleasers and an impressive side dish! We are toying with the idea of making these Christmas morning accompanied by a fried egg.

3. Lentil Soup: This one is super easy and you'll be eating it for days. I like to add cumin and potatoes!

4. Shrimp Summer Rolls: Don't let the name fool you, these are great year-round. If your grocery store is of the fancier variety, they probably have a raw shrimp bar, mine carries coconut Thai flavoured shrimp and it's to die. AND constructing summer rolls is a fun group activity, duh.

Happy Friday superstars!

Emergency Beyoncé Moment

Well sportsfans, it's happening! Beyoncé has pulled the ultimate musical stunt: she has released a new album without ANY HYPE WHATSOEVER. It's all we can do to not write this entire post in KANYE CAPS.

She must know that she is making all of our dreams come true in one morning? We are truly feeling inspired and empowered by this sleuth release. OR is it just that we want to wear nude lipstick for the first time?

Preview the videos here and sample/buy the album on iTunes.

Happy Friday, Birthday, Christmas and New Year,

Decor Inspiration: Zebras!

This is a bold trend that could easily go horrible wrong, so please use sparingly! You don't want your home to turn out looking anything like this. Regardless, we like a little zebra in the room!

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