Your Unauthorized PPBB Christmas Viewing Schedule

'Tis the season to celebrate with loved ones but try not to lose sight of your priorities: TV and Movies. This can be a struggle as shopping, socializing and celebrating make it hard to fit in all your favourite holiday classics, so as an early gift to you here is our must-watch viewing calendar:

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Happy December Y'all!

Thursday Links: Time Wasters Edition

Guys, it's been a longgggggg week for us too.

With the holidays coming up, you might find yourself at your parents' house with not much to do...especially if you come from a smallish town. Well, as long as you have Wi-Fi, you can catch up on some mindlessly fun Internet stuff! Here are some links that we are particularly addicted to. WARNING: Do not visit these sites if you don't have at least 20 minutes of unadulterated free time, they are serious rabbit holes.

Cute Overload: This can't be the first time you're hearing about this site. It's been around for a few years and we do not wish to publicly declare how many minutes, hours, days we have spent on it.

Passive Aggressive Notes: We just recently heard about this site and it has become a daily read! Described as "funny (if not necessarily "passive-aggressive") notes from pissed-off people", this site is really doing it for us. We've all seen notes like this around the office or your apartment if you live with roommates. The difference between us and them: we aren't crazy enough to actually leave the psychotic notes we have drafted in our minds. In all honesty, I got to page 14 before closing the tab…by accident.

Things Fitting Perfectly into Things: This one might not be for everyone, but there is something special about seeing this stuff that brings us a little peace. Maybe this world isn't such a bad place after all. See above image for a truly inspiring fusion.

Friends Quote Quiz: Just for funzies!

Take pride in your browser history! Peace!

Decor Inspiration: Styling Bookshelves

It's possible you will be hosting guests this party season and will surely want your home looking stylish and put together. Well, a quick and easy way to refresh your place is to rearrange your bookshelves. See below for our OFFICIAL PPBB tips and some inspiration!

Our tips on how to style bookshelves:

1. Pick books based solely on the cover and spine design. We kid. But not really, maybe you need one more aqua coloured book in order to complete your rainbow organization.

2. Add framed art and family photos. Medium and small sized frames will break up the space nicely and fills an area if you have fewer books.

3. Include decorative objects. Think funky bookends, groovy bowl, stack of pretty boxes or even a small plant. Some of the shelves below feature fashion accessories. This trend is for the bold and, of course, only high end looking fashion goods will do.

4. Mix up the book arrangement. Place books vertically and horizontally in a stack on the same shelf.

Handsome Fellas Hanging Out: Harrison is Foxy Edition

We don't give Columbus Short enough attention; neither does Scandal (though he was getting a little precocious this week, so step in the right direction!) We saw photos of him at the 'GQ Man of the Year Party' last week and immediately sparked an email debate, SUBJECT: Um, Harrison is foxy.

Caitlin professed past attraction for Harrison, but for me he only came into vogue after seeing (and then immediately Googling more) real life Columbus photos. Classic question of Who's Hot! Check him out looking sharp and hanging with equally hot Michael B. Jordan. Katie Lowes must be dying inside, we would be.

If you're dealing with snowy weather today, maybe stay inside and photoshop your face into the below picture. It might soothe any impending winter heartache.

Getting Excited for Girls!

Look, we would feel remiss if we didn't bombard you with every morsel pertaining to the upcoming third season of Girls. We are so frickin excited! But having to wait until January 12 seems like a very unfair, crimeless punishment. See below for screech-inducing behind the scenes preview.

Ps. How do we get a job at Rays??

Look We Love: Statement Necklace and Casual Top

Greetings muffin makers! As we have previously stated, the holiday party season is commencing its annual creep in a mere fortnight. Since we are devoted to providing you, our loyal readers, with pretty and easy wardrobe fixes, we would like to present one of our favourite looks: the glamour statement necklace paired with a casual top. We recommend a non-descript sweatshirt to combat the cold weather or a tee/blazer combo. Really anything goes! See below for some inspiration and a selection of goodies that can be purchased online from the comfort of your messy apartment!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Highlight of the Week: New Lord on the Scene

Our highlight is sadly also our lowlight as we shut our laptops on the final episode of Downton Abbey Season 4 this week. We run with the dangerous crowd when it comes to the Crawley gang and view the season prior to it airing on PBS (yes, we are super bad ass). In the interest of not offending you, (WWTDCD amirite?) we won't ruin the plot, but will simply warn your heart that it WILL burst upon laying eyes on new cast member and all over studmuffin: Tom Cullen.

Get ready to start the new year so over Matthew Crawley and all lorry related tragedies. Lord Anthony Gillingham is where all your 20th-century society fantasies will (or already do) live in 2014, take a gander at him.



So now we impatiently await the Christmas Special; all we know is that it's Christmas time at Downton and an appearance from Gillingham would be a glorious, festive touch to the manor.

Chin chin,

Proper Pretty Party Dresses

Guys, holiday party season will be here quicker than you can say "I hate showing my pale upper arms. Why can't they make more dresses with sleeves?!? We can't all have Michelle Obama's biceps! Damnit!". While we can't give you any advice on how to tone your flabby arms, we can present you with some classic holiday appropriate dresses inspired by our FAVOURITE FASHIONISTA OF 2013: Kiernan Shipka (see post below for the lo-down)! Honestly, it's like impossible to find party dresses with sleeves. Sorry boo.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

10 TV Grievances (and why they remind us that television could, sadly, never be reality)

Even if you won't admit it, this is a familiar scenario: You're 15 episodes deep into a binge watch, but have a cursed social commitment. Instead of cancelling, you forcibly tear yourself away from the TV set. Regardless of being out socializing in civilization, all you can focus on is what you might be missing at Pope and Associates!!

Yes friends, TV is a cruel mistress and honestly we wish we had advice to bestow on how to skillfully avoid the above scenario. What we do have, however, is a list of TV grievances that will snap you back to reality! Prepare to have your mind blown and we apologize in advance for shattering any illusions.

10. When people never have time to eat that delicious breakfast (insert any daily meal here really), yet seem to have an abundance of free time before work and/or school. TV Land: Five different types of pancakes mystically appear, complimented with bacon/sausage combo plus toast and brewed coffee. Everyone nonchalantly walks past them to get on with their storyline of the week (which generally includes roughly 3 dramatic happenings before the work day commences, presumably at 11 am??). There is no sign of dirty dishes.

Reality: You generally opt for 15 minutes of extra sleep thus barely have time to toast a piece of bread in the am. On the off chance you want to wake up at 5 am to cook, everything is burnt, you're obviously late AND you forgo the clean up of this failed attempt for days.

9. When couples face a forgotten anniversary or partner's birthday.

TV Land: Husbands forget anniversaries and birthdays like they are Jessica Simpson hits.

Reality: You talk about plans months in advance; particularly milestone occasions (also, why have family and friends failed to inquire about what special things you've got planned?!) If you're expecting a vacation or extravagant party: venues must be picked, vacation time requested and you've likely (annoyingly) been posting a countdown on your Facebook for weeks. This guy had no chance at forgetting.

8. When people just order "beer." TV Land: There is a universally good tasting alcohol on tap called "beer".

Reality: Waitress looks at you impatiently like you're from another country, waiting for you to identify Molson, Heineken, Stella, et al. We realize that this is likely a TV tactic to avoid brand names/unpaid product placement, but come on! They could at least specify the type of beer i.e. light, IPA, pilsner.

Familiar Faces: GAP Love

If you happen to frequent GAP as often as we do, you may have noticed a familiar face in the latest Fall/Winter ads: Connie Britton!

Connie and her son, Yoby, look just adorable. Did you guys know Connie used to work at GAP? So did Caitlin, by all means they are kindred spirits (jealous!).

Also, in case you aren't in the know: 35% off online and in stores this weekend! Get to Holiday shopping.

On the Cutest Young Fashionista in Show Biz

We'd like to shine the PPBB spotlight on one talented little ingenue called Kiernan Shipka (Known formally as Sally Draper on AMC's hit drama Mad Men). 2013 has been a stellar style year for this little darling. Her red carpet style should be hastily adopted by all other starlets under the age of 19 (we're looking at you cast of Modern Family).

And GURRRLLLLLLL, that hand on hip pose is FIERCEEEEEEE (in a really sweet and cute way of course).

We present our favourite Kiernan looks from 2013:

Monday Links: Mini Edition

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I, Caitlin, love all things miniature. This obsession goes beyond the obvious (doll houses, Polly Pockets) into the extraordinary. Please enjoy the below links to view some adorable unexpected miniatures!

1. PetitPlat Miniature Food Art (shown above): Not only are these little foodscapes too charming for words, you can actually buy them through the artist's Etsy shop! We are dying the for the sushi minis. We can only assume this type of art (and jewellery!) exists purely for weirdos like me, we won't worry about the specifics of how and why. The realism is truly astounding. I could literally look at these all day.

2. Scrumptious Mini (and edible) Food Masterpieces: If we ever host a major event (wedding if we're lucky, surprise party if we're unlucky) we will definitely try to create an entire menu of food minis like these!

3. Sweet Piñatas Pequeñas: We are ordering these post haste for our next group fiesta! Ole! (Not really though, they're $38 for 4 and the economy is basically in a recession. We're not that estúpido.)

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