4 April Magazine Covers We Are More Excited About Than The Kimye Vogue

I mean, it's not like we aren't gonna flip through a copy next time we're in the checkout line, but we are actually stoked for the magazine covers below featuring very talented people.

Amy Schumer on Bust / Lena Dunham on Glamour
Cast of Game of Thrones on Vanity Fair / Pharrell Williams on GQ

Beyoncé Palate Cleanse

Your daily dose of Beyoncé inspiration comes from an unlikely source: A Toyota commercial! But you won't see us complaining, mostly because we need something to cleanse our palates and news regarding at least one member of the actual #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple helps.

“Every day I wake up, I make a choice: not to let the world decide for me.” Shame, she's just one day late in dispensing this wisdom to Ms. Wintour.


Decide to get going and happy Saturday,


P.S. Did you also notice this?? Don't roll your partitions up too prematurely though, T.O. isn't listed.

March Mad-Men-Ness is BACK

Mad Men is coming back next month for its (GASP) final season. Admittedly, this is probably a wise choice for the show since it doesn't seem to be as popular as it was a few seasons ago.

Now, judging from these recently released season 7 photos, there is going to be a lot of storylines focusing around...planes; should we start placing bets on when Don will land the TWA account? Generally, the cast looks great, as do the flight attendants! There's really no stopping Megan's glamour fashion!

The season premieres on Sunday April 13. Don't get too chuffed though, season 7 is going to be split into two seven-episode sections airing this year and next.

Many more photos after the break!

Friday Links: EL OH EL Edition

Well, it's been a confusing and offensive week. We mean weather-wise of course. Mother nature is a triflin' prankster!

If you're like us, you're looking for a quick and painless pick-me-up (and you don't wanna leave your house…). So, here we present to you some hilarious links to get you started on your winter-weather-sadness recovery.

1. Comedy Central's web series turned real TV series Broad City: This show is so fucking hilarious, we can barely keep our shit together and we are finding ourselves using gratuitous expletives. These two gurlz are just that funny. We like to think of this show as an amalgamation of Inside Amy Shumer and Flight of the Conchords. We *highly* recommend. Get it?!?! Watch the episodes here.

2. The most amazing spoof of the Bachelor, Burning Love: Don't get it twisted, we love the Bachelor franchise and everything it stands for, but we are also aware of how totally batshit most of the contestants are. The E! web series Burning Love represents everything we love to hate about the show and it's spot on. You will recognize a ton of the actors from Joss Whedon shows. We are particularly fond of season 2, Julie's season. Check out some of the episodes here.

3. Drunk In Love is a great song/video, this spoof is just as amazing. Obviously, we love a good spoof and totally consider it an art form. Dunkin Love is freaking hysterical. Watch the video here and go get yourself some Dunkin Love. BONUS VIDEO: The emoji edition of Drunk In Love is oddly satisfying…

Have a cheerful Friday!

Beauty Inspiration: Caitlin Fitzgerald

So you may not have seen it yet, but Showtime's Masters of Sex is making quite a splash. It's basically Mad Men, but set a decade earlier and in a hospital rather than an ad agency. Anyway, it's pretty good, if not a bit too "acty". One thing's for sure: the costuming is to die. We particularly like Caitlin Fitzgerald who plays Bill Masters' wife, Libby. Her sweet house wifey dresses keep us coming back to the show, but what we are really after is her real life look. Check out the pics below for much needed lip-tastic beauty inspo! Also, a word of advice: steer clear of the Johnson and Masters wiki page. We basically spoiled what we can only assume will be the major plot lines of the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Masters of Sex. Oops.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Dragon

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 40 Satin Bright Orange

Mark Full Color Lipstick in Bare Hug

Tuesday Links: After Oscar Edition

When not navigated carefully, the Internet can suck you into a veritable post-award-show black hole. There is A LOT to look at; for instance you could spend easily 3-5 hours just looking at Jared Leto hair posts (better to not ask how we know this). Two days post-Oscar, here is what we thought worthy of your precious time.

1. The best party photos to come out of theVanity Fair Oscar Party. Feel free to write to us if you know where we can purchase that Hollywood Issue inspired lamp shade. Check out these stunners while you're at it.

2. You can Travoltify your name here. We are Laurence Hernt & Christian Wailson.

3.This could have saved you a lot of time on Sunday and that hangover on Monday.

4. Stay strong Leo.

5. Cate Blanchett is terribly trusting. Also we would have died and immediately broken out in the speech we've been perfecting since age 5.

6. Peter Nyong'o was out there living your dreams all award season and you had no idea.

Morning After: 86th Academy Awards

The Academy Awards took place last night, and, like all good samaritans, we gathered to watch in Lauren's condo's party room and ate our weight in cheese, respectively. And drank cocktails of course!

Anyway, the show was great and Ellen did an impeccable job and had us laughing out loud! Honestly though, we thought she'd be dancing more. There were some awkward moments (most winners/presenters really struggled with the double kiss) and some truly inspiring moments (we liked Lupita's and Jared's speeches), but most of all there was a lot of glitz and some amazing frocks! See our judgements below.

Best Dressed Ladystars: Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace. She is looking bomb diggity these days. Keep it up gurlll! Anne Hathaway in Gucci. Although the shape is reminiscent of last year's dress, this one is much much better. Consider yourself redeemed Anne!

Best Dressed Ladystar Runner Up: Lupita Nyung'o in Prada. She looks beautiful and the colour is to die. But we were expecting a little more from her and that neckline is a tad broad for our tastes.

Surprisingly Worst Dressed Ladystar: Anna Kendrick, what happened? This J. Mendel gown was far too busy and not at all what we would have expected.

Non-surprisingly Worst Dressed Ladystar: Whoopi, no. It didn't work when Julia attempted, and it's certainly not working for you.
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