Peacocking that Faux-Pas

During a particularly dreary day, our keen eyes caught a man strutting his stuff down King Street. He was committing what some would call a grizzly fashion faux-pas:  white dress shirt with a white undershirt visibly poking through.

Never being ones to judge (wink wink), we couldn't help but remark on how confidently he was wearing the disaster.

His chest was puffed up and he was walking proudly.

He was peacocking that faux-pas*.

This got us to thinking, is it really a faux-pas if you’re wearing it proudly?

We own the exact same camel coloured leather jacket, and wear it often. This is not a coincidence; we bought them knowingly, at the same time. Generally, in these types of situations friends will trade off days, attempting to avoid the embarrassment of showing up wearing the same thing, but let’s get real, these are nice jackets. So we strut about together, wearing the same jacket, commenting on how the other has styled it that particular day.

We peacock our own faux-pas!

*please feel free to adopt this phrase into your vocab. Actually we’d love it!

Judgementally yours,

You got the swag sauce, you’re dripping swagoo

Our current scrutinization of Beyonce’s 4 album has led us to begrudgingly adopt “swagoo” into our vocab. This troublesome turn of phrase was met with pure distaste as we routinely hit skip on our respective iPods as “Party” crept through our earbuds.

The meaning, however, came clear to us one fateful afternoon as a particularly dapper man caught our attention over lunch. The only way to describe him was “swagoo,” he was dripping swagoo and knew it.

If you yourself struggle with the adoption of this phrase please consider these babies (possible singular baby).

They’ve (he’s?) got the swag sauce, they’re (he’s?) dripping swagoo.

Epistemologically yours,

I don’t have much to say about these. I want them.

I actually can’t afford these.
Sperry, $180.
Plus tax.
- Caitlin

A necklace of pinterest

i don’t do it myself.
i spend money on things.
But if you’ve tasted the sweetness of what is you may have started fancying yourself a diy-er.  Let me warn you it isn’t that easy.
Here are some things you may need in order to take on such a project:
1. a crafty friend. Caitlin is mine.
2. a friend who has all the materials you need. Caitlin is mine
3. a friend who is willing to basically do the project for you, with minimal input, as you watch Modern Family and lazily bead one strand of the complex necklace shown below. Caitlin is mine.
I wore this necklace out the following Saturday and smugly told everyone that I made it myself.
Resourcefully yours,

we created this blog for three reasons

1. we were bored at work
2. we like looking at stuff on the internet           
3. our ideas and conversations are so amazing. our modesty is insane.
This blogs is comprised of imagery, musings and general speculation.
Lauren and Caitlin
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