Looking at Our Queen in Magazines: Part 235

¡Saludos chicos!

Have we ever got a mood booster for ya today! Check out these photos from Issue 5 of CR Fashion Book featuring our fearlessly feminist leader: Beyoncé. She looks all kinds of stunning.

Morning After: 66th Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards fell a little flat last night. We're pretty sure it's because a lot of the following folks we're about to highlight received ZERO airtime (note: we couldn't even find pictures of Idris Elba OR Louis C.K. OR Mark Ruffalo for our Best Dressed Man contender, unconscionable!) The usual winners prevailed, and, while it was nice to see our beloved Breaking Bad peeps take home the final piece of recognition they deserved, we were too busy wondering if we could hire Heisenberg to sabotage Jim Parsons & Modern Family next year to really enjoy it. Seth Meyers came off cheesy at times, and, in our opinion, was saved only by Amy Poehler and this hilarious Billy on the Street segment. But anyway, as always, the true joy in awards shows come from discussing the clothes! So without further ado, let's get started.

Best Dressed Ladystar: Teyonah Parris wearing bold and beautiful Christian Siriano. Runner Up Best Dressed Ladystar: Taylor Shilling wearing figure-flattering Zuhair Murad. Worst Dressed Ladystar: Lena Dunham wearing Giambattista Valli. Runner Up Worst Dressed Ladystar: Laura Prepron wearing Gustavo Cadile. Best Lady Pants: Robin Wright wearing Ralph Lauren. Best Red : TIE! Julia Louis Dreyfus wearing Carolina Herrara and Uzo Aduba wearing Christian Siriano.

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The 6th Ever Bangin' Awards: 66th Primetime Emmy Edition

Our beloved fall TV season is right around the corner, so what better time for the Primetime Emmy Awards! As is customary, we can't wait to celebrate and scrutinize our way through tonight's broadcast, but first have some business to attend to: The Bangin' Awards.

When it comes to the stylish and fictitious some characters truly steal our hearts, so please allow us to share with you what we deemed #flawless this past year in television.

Best Dressed Leading Female Character
Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project Go to look: BRIGHTS! AND LOTS OF 'EM.
Enviable Accessories: Statement everything: earrings, necklaces and handbags.
We’d like to see: More evening wear and fewer sweater vests.
Style Rival: Jessica Day, New Girl

Best Dressed Supporting Female Character
Francis Conroy as Myrtle Snow, American Horror Story: Coven Go to look: Witchy Grace Coddington, if she were mad for bow blouses & tartan.
Enviable Accessories: Cat-eye glasses, a wickedly enviable glove collections and capes.
We’d like to see: Actually wearing Balenciaga!
Style Rival: Ilana Wexler, Broad City

Best Dressed Leading Male Character
Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Go to look: Modern suiting, dark shirts and that ab-fab double breasted wool trench.
Enviable Accessories: Scarves, deerstalker hat and luxurious robes.
We’d like to see: That tailcoat again, at some point. Formal wear was on point.
Style Rival: John Luther, Luther

Best Dressed Supporting Male Character
Andrew Ranells as Elijah Kantz, Girls Go to look: Narrow fitting pastels, styled for the cottage and theatre! Oh my.
Enviable Accessories: Sass and cross body bags.
We’d like to see: Whatever, as long as there is more Elijah in season four.
Style Rival: Californian Pete Campbell, Mad Men

Best Dressed Cast in a Television Series
The cast of Masters of Sex Go to look: Lean trousers, knee length skirts, bateau tops and vintage lingerie.
Enviable Accessories: Bowties, Peter Pan collars, x-rated gadgets.
We’d like to see: Better lighting. Why so dark? Give those garments the spotlight they deserve!
Style Rival:The cast of Mad Men

Best Office Wear in a Television Series
Sola Bamas as Shirley, Mad Men Go to look: NSF(modern)W bold and short minis, read: get it gurl!
Enviable Accessories: HOOPS!
We’d like to see her in: Executive wear.
Style Rival: Claire Underwood, House of Cards

Most (seemingly) stylish profession according to Television
Lawyer. As seen on Suits, The Good Wife & White Collar
Go to look: Suits that fit so well it should be illegal & obvious investment pieces.
Enviable Accessories: Brooches, Windsor knots, and designer footwear.
We’d like to see: Sans suits. We love their off-duty wardrobes as well.
Style Rival: Working in Washington. As seen on Scandal, House of Cards and Veep

Doing the best with what they got in a Television Series
The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary, Orange is the New Black

Go to look: Khaki or orange issued jumpsuit.
Enviable Accessories: Shower shoes and contraband makeup.
We’d like to see: Another 'Dress for Success' fashion show.
Style Rival: Those crazy kids of the Seven Kingdoms, Game of Thrones

The More You Know: Binge-watching

We must say that we were straight up touched while watching this PSA yesterday, it is always nice to find out that tv stars are looking out for you (though deep down we always knew Mr. Mars had our back!).

This hilarious video from EW is also impeccably timed, as we've currently taken to re-binging Friday Night Lights in its entirety. And all we'll say is good thing we've got a blog and jobs to worry about or we'd never leave West Dillon (haven't hit season 4 just yet...)

Enjoy the below if only as a mere distraction from your current Netflix queue.

Happy Friday!

Looking at Boys in Magazines: Hotter Than We Had Anticipated Edition

Hey party people! It's that time of year again, the September issues are trickling out into our newsstands and we are looking for the thickest issues possible. I normally limit myself to 3 magazines, so I'm endlessly grateful for the following magazines posting their shoots online. Asked and answered.

So here are (in order of hotness surprise) some of our fav shoots from September's magazines.

First up we have America's Sweethunk (COINED!) Chris Pratt on the cover of the September 2014 issue of Esquire magazine, photographed by Nigel Parry. Needless to say, he's never looked better. Even though his suits could fit a titch better, that cover look is utterly dashing.

Next we have James McAvoy on the cover of September 2014 Nylon Guys magazine photographed by Simon Emmett. That brooding gaze!

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