Year in Review: Wedding Dress Distaste

Nothing has brought us quite as much distaste this year as having to wait months to see Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds wedding photos. Santa kind of came early today in the form of a sneak peek of Martha Stewart Weddings featuring the nuptuals.


As we can't purchase the mag until Christmas Eve therefore, feel held back from truly passing judgement on her gown we present troubling wedding looks that we tried but failed to like this past year:






And to avoid that Negative Nancy label, we DID like:

What are your thoughts on this years celebrity wedding looks?


So this will be amahzing.

Who even cares about this weeks noms, although did you hear that Leo will most definitely be there?

Happy Friday,


Holiday Decorating: DIY Garland

It's always nice to decorate for the season and we could not be more excited for the holidays! But if you live in small apartments like us, holiday decorating can create clutter and where do you even store these decorations in the off-season? So we like garlands! Festive and bright and can be draped over and around anything and everything. Here are some cute and easy DIY's.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Pepsi-Hearted Girl

Do you think that Beyoncé really drinks Pepsi? As devotees do we now have to drink Pepsi exclusively? Won't lie, I'm more of a Coke person. Regardless, Beyoncé signed a $50 million partnership deal with Pepsi and the campaign was revealed yesterday.


In order to celebrate the fact that someone is $50 million richer and you are not, watch these Pepsi commercials of yore featuring Beyoncé. Before you go, do you think that she would even talk to Britney Spears these days? Let alone star in a commercial with her? Oh 2006!

Monday Links: Just Incase You Missed It Edition!

Occasionally, but not very often, we, like people living under a rock, miss out on a few hot items from the previous week. And because we love you, we wish to prevent you from that as much as possible. So just incase you missed it, here are some helpful links to keep you up to speed.

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting really personal with the world, and we LOVE it. A short documentary about Jay's life and times surfaced. At one point Jay-Z rides the subway to a concert in Brooklyn. He talks to an old lady about being famous and it's cute. Subsequently, his fabulous wife Beyonce released a teaser trailer for her upcoming HBO documentary. O-M-G. All of this combined with Bey's hand written Instagram notes and tumblr updates it is becoming increasingly easier to pretend she is our best friend.

2. HBOs Game of Thrones released a trailer for its third season. We are intrigued and Rob Stark looks freaking unstoppable. Also we're forever hopeful that this is the season John Snow is deflowered and that meanie Theon bites the dust. Speaking of, did you guys know that the actor who plays Theon, Alfie Allen is Lilly Allen's brother? AND the song Alfie is about him? We hope that fictional romantical interest in his sister isn't reflective of real life (excuse us, incest is always on the brain...)

3. Kim Kardashian's kitten past away. I, Lauren am pretty distraught. Here are some images of Mercy to help you mourn this passing.

4. Kate Middleton is with Royal child (!) and as a result this happened. Such a joyous occasion has been plagued with a bit of disaster thus far and we are a little concerned. Let's not jinx anything and focus on the fact that we will be seeing more of this in the near future.

Stay Busy!

Year in Review: The Great (mastur)Debate of 2012

As equally worldly and witty individuals we truly enjoy great conversation. As you can imagine in one calendar year we cover A LOT of complex topics, some of which we have shared here with you. This year we totally agreed on our love for the new show Girls, but hastily disagreed with one particular scene. This caused a heated debate over the summer during a Blue Jays game -- we aren't that into sports.

We've never been able to put the subject to rest, even after polling our nearest and dearest gal pals (strategically administered via text during said Blue Jays game -- again we are, admittedly, not excited by baseball). As 2012 comes to an end we thought we'd present to you the discrepancy and invite you to also weigh in.

WARNING: We are about to talk about pleasuring oneself, read no further if you consider yourself a prude.

View the below, if you have limited time start at 3:45, but we recommend getting the whole backstory. As you watch consider this: Would Marnie realistically masturbate in the bathroom, while wearing pantyhose?


Caitlin: No, she most certainly would not. Can I agree that Marnie was so moved with passion and desire to go home and masturbate later that night? Yes I can. But I cannot believe that she would rub one out in an art gallery bathroom. I just cannot accept that someone as uptight and straight-laced as Marnie would do this. And in restrictive pantyhose no less. STANDING UP. And it cannot go unmentioned that Booth Jonathan (i.e. JIZZ IN MY PANTS) is neither attractive nor desirable enough to elicit this type of erotic reaction.

Lauren: Yes! I think it is pretty indicative of her character actually. Of course she is pleasuring herself with pantyhose on. She can't really lose control in life, not even for this brief erotic moment! Also, unlike Caitlin, I think that in the situation she had to do what she had to do, like no time to de-pantyhose (we all know what a bitch that can be). The situation is new for her and she can barely figure out how to process it before its happening. She's getting things done and then heading back to a work event. What if she HAD taken them off, got off and then noticed some sort of rip (inevitably caused by a hasty removal)? Work event ruined that's what. I think she was simply keeping it a little classy.


As a final note, we recommend this as a conversation piece. You'll hear some serious and revealing anecdotes and thank us later. Also note that in the trailer for season 2 of Girls Jonathan Booth returns for what appears to be more than a little bathroom fantasy.

Year In Review: Things Breaking Bad Made Me Worry About

I generally set goals for the year, they are occasionally professional, sometimes personal and, more often than not, pop culture related. In 2012 I really wanted to start watching Breaking Bad, and last week, in unwavering commitment, I have officially checked that off my list and just under the wire too!

It was really fabulous viewing. However, the adoption of a new drama, particularly a drug/crime/insane based drama, is accompanied by a whole new set of worries. Thus, I present to you the things I was a little extra worried about in 2012 as a direct result of Breaking Bad:

1. Being in love with Jesse Pinkman. This is an immediate concern as I am not sure what it says about my taste in men. Sure, I have secretly harbored a crush on Aaron Paul since Big Love, but this is different. Like in my mind I consider Jesse Pinkman dateable and secretly hope that Walt would join us for dinner one night. I'd also quite pleased if when we move in together he brings the roomba...but I digress. Thank goodness he broke up with Andrea and is single again.

2. That every weird store or restaurant in my neighborhood is a front for drug money laundering. Lets get real people. Restaurants that are always empty, those questionable fur shops, sketchy corner auto repair places, there are too many to list. My sheltered soul would never have believed it before, but I am a little extra convinced that some sort of Walter White-eqsue happenings are a foot.

3. Ricin poisoning. I can't be alone here. Also that Lily of the Valley sickness. It could be lurking anywhere. Don't take a cigarette from anyone, even if he is as hot as Jesse Pinkman.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is a bit of a generalization, but I can never go there.

5. Having to have my house fumigated and/or having my laundry sent out. These situations have always worried me as I am never 100% into people coming to my home to do anything. I've panicked when my mother has secretly cleaned my place without my knowledge. Also I am very paranoid about other people doing my laundry and shrinking things! Anyway, the added concern of cooking meth in my home or around my clothes, no thank you.

6. That people used to and still do dress like this. Even when they are as hot as Jesse Pinkman.

7. That if Landry Clark can break bad, anyone can. I realize it wasn't Landry Clark who (SPOILER ALERT) shot that kid, but still it was still pretty distressing. What would Coach say?!

Since clearing my schedule Caitlin has been urging me to start watching Homeland as of late, although I am not sure I want to start developing more (irrational?) worries about terrorism and homeland security on top of all this.

Unnervingly yours,

Lauren Pinkman

Looking at Josh Bowman

Have we told you lately that we love Josh Bowman? That sexy Revenge hunk stole our hearts long ago and a recent discovery of his Instagram account (handle=joshbowman) has our hearts even more a flutter. Our man of the moment, well every moment really is featured in DaMan Magazine and 'tis lovely.

Photographs by Mitchell Nguyen McCormick

Also as a special extra, not featured in the magazine we present to you this likeness of Josh Bowman drawn by Caitlin, as Instagrammed by Lauren. Say spectaculaire!

Happy Friday,

Les beautés

The cast of Les Misérables seem to be anything but, they are all freaking beautiful and fun and I want to hang out with them. The worldwide release of the film is quickly approaching and this means that we have the luxury of seeing these stunners out and about looking fab, join me wont you?

Stunning on the red carpet in London

#wearingtheshitoutofthesesuits #evenrussell

Gorgeous and Glamorous in the Hollywood Reporter

#marrymeplease #buymethisdress

Being all around adorable at press events

#melt #bemybestfriends

Even Wintour approved in NYC 

#jealousy #isshesmiling?!

Looking at Funny People in Magazines

Some of our favourite comedic actors are gracing the cover of Vanity Fair! The magazine released three separate covers for its upcoming comedy issue and, although ecstatic to see a ton of female talent present, Megan Fox made one of the covers. An oversight? Your guess is as good as ours. Let's be blunt, her presence is somewhat insulting. Try to ignore and enjoy:

Monday Links: When Animals Attack Edition

For anyone who knows us, you may be surprised to learn that we are fascinated by more than just incest and its various incarnations. Another one of our misguided obsessions is animal attacks! Last week a couple in British Columbia were attacked by a mama bear while hiking (and people ask why we avoid nature when possible). This got us thinking about all the infamous animal attacks and how much we love recounting them to unknowing acquaintances and passerbys...

Here are some links to help you pass the time:

1. Two terrifying chimp attacks: The Worst Story I Ever Heard and Travis the Menace

2. This slideshow on Slate about the History of Grizzlies in Yellowstone is absolutely captivating!

3. If, after that long and thrilling read, you need a more human (if not unsettling and comical) portrayal of man and beast interacting we urge you to watch Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man.

4. And of course we don't want to throw you out into the wilderness scared and traumatized fresh off reading these awful animal attacks with no means to protect yourselves. So we leave you with this helpful guide.

Happy Monday, stay safe.

Clutches Just in Time for Party Season

All the non-shut-ins are smack dab in the middle of Party Season and we can't help ourselves from expanding our accessories collections. A new clutch is a quick and simple way to update a tried and true evening outfit.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Season 2 of Girls Trailer

This show is easily one of our favourites and we are positively ebullient at the thought of season 2! January 13 people! Check out this thrilling teaser of a trailer for yourselves!

"I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued!"

Monday Links: Canadian Disasters Edition

We consider ourselves to be pretty proud Canadians but the thriving metropolis we call home (Toronto) suffered a few missteps, mostly at the hands of Justin Beiber this weekend. We feel slightly flushed with embarrassment:

1. Whoever thought football fans wanted to listen to Justin Bieber sing about being your boyfriend was sadly mistaken. No one was particularly interested in partying like it was 3012 during the Grey Cup halftime show and audiences booed the Canadian singer. You can watch the performance here and make up your own mind. Not great.

2. Also this weekend good old Biebs tweeted a picture of himself wearing overalls while meeting Prime Minister Steven Harper. He thought it was pretty hilar, not great.

3. Last but certainly not least, our Mayor, Rob Ford was removed from office this morning after voilating the conflict of interest law. The Star published this timeline of Fords time in office. Not great, but at least we can all still enjoy this.

Lindsay Low-end

Lindsay Lohan attended the premiere of her new movie ‘Liz & Dick’ in Beverly Hills in a Donna Dashini gown.

Although it is unsurprising and almost tiring to comment on her steady but stubborn decline in all aspects of celebrity, this travesty cannot be ignored entirely.

This is a disheartening sight to say the least. This ensemble would be more appropriate for an awards show...celebrating actors of the adult entertainment industry. The days of Lindsay looking elegant, or even passable, are resolutely behind us. It's really a shame, she showed so much promise in the Parent Trap.

Bitterly yours,

Kris Humphries Hates Reality TV

This is Kris' ex-girlfriend, Bianca:

#kimmylookalike #proathletegroupie

This is the Bachelor Canada proposing to her:

#sponsoredring #scriptedromance

And this is Kimye on KUWTK:

#famewhores #obsessed

What a shame...


Obsessed: @FashionKids Edition

Nothing is more amazing than a fashionable child. As per a friends recommendation, we only recently discovered @fashionkids on Instagram; as a result our feeds (and wardrobes!) got a whole lot chicer and we couldn't be more grateful.

As we scrolled couldn't help but notice this child wearing her own, immaculate version of an outfit once deemed by this blog as the Super Outfit. She's wearing it better than we ever could, #jealousy. Drippin' Swagoo for sure...


Monday Links: Twincest Edition

Hello Dearest Readers,

Aside from providing you with sincere and unabashed opinions about pop culture, we strive to educate and inspire you! We're sure you've all profited from our advice and since you are, no doubt, at the top of a long painful week, here are some interesting and topical items that can be found on the Internet to get you through the day.

1. Dear Prudence follows up on the most bizarre question ever!
This is a crazy story that we are obsessed with (anyone who knows us can attest to this fact). Worth reading. And then proceed to tell all your friends about it. This letter will prompt endless moral questions you can use to get to know your friends and family, prepare yourself for some shocking responses!

2. Also this disturbing story. This shiz makes you think.

3. For further unsettling tales of incestuous teenage entanglements we recommend V.C. Andrew's Flowers in the Attic.

Enjoy and stay busy!

Looking at Boys in Magazines

It has been an intense week, determining the Sexiest Man Alive and proclaiming hot guys as Man of the Year all over the globe! We know it's a lot to comprehend but try to enjoy it. This time comes but once a year.

WARNING: There is a lot of Channing Tatum, someone must be feeling a little extra confident this morning...

Channing Tatum for People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive 2012

Also, Max Greenfield in People!

Channing Tatum and Ben Affleck* for GQ Man of the Year

*we too are concerned about the obvious retouching/possible superimposing here

Chris Hemsworth for GQ Australia's Man of the Year

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