Morning After & Familiar Faces & Bangin' Awards : Pete Campbell Edition

A lot of lives were in shambles on the small screen last night, some more than others, obviously! And sure, the body of one Zac Efron provided some solace, but it was another tanned someone who truly broke up the despair: Pete Campbell!

In a premiere episode where almost everyone was haunted by a perpetual cloud of gloom, misery and aimlessness, Pete was shockingly content. And his storyline provided us with A LOT to discuss: from his bold fashion choice to his familiar looking costar (hint: she once romanced Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars!).

Let's review, shall we?:

Snappiest Dresser: Pete Campbell, wearing California well. Not quite a 'hippie' but those pants and sideburns! At least he is embracing the relaxed west coast aesthetic, the same can't be said for Don's grey suit. Looking stiff!
Honorable Mention: Megan Draper. Say what you will, Mrs. Draper can dress.

Best Familiar Face: Jessy Schram. Sure, she annoyed us all as Hannah, but it's always thrilling to spot a VMars alum. And one slightly resisting the Don Draper charms in favour of...Pete?! Seriously though, what. is. happening?
Honourable Mention: Neve Campbell!! We sincerely hope that this isn't the last of her this season.

Enviable Accessories: Pete Campbell's tennis sweater, which we believe he has previously paired with some booty short?? Ok, so we just wanted to post this picture.

Dishonourable mention: Peggy. Gurl, we understand you're feeling lost and depressed, but you need to stop wearing that hat ASAP. It isn't helping matters and we think it was probably even considered ugly in 1969. ALSO everything in Megan's creepy, canyon house.

We don't particularly take pride in Pete coming out on top and don't love seeing Peggy, Don and Roger in their current states, but we DO love that Mad Men is back, if only for 6 short episodes!

Friday Links: Because Internet Edition

Well, it finally looks like winter 2014 is behind us. Thank Beyoncé.

Today we are sharing with you some super fun stuff we found on the Internets guys!

1. One Star Reviews of Classic Literature on Amazon: The title of this tumblr speaks for itself. The Internet really brings out the best in people…

2. Flat Vs. Realism: This website is dedicated to illustrating the battle between flat vs realistic design aesthetics. You might not really care, but it totally affects you since you use websites and apps like all the time. Graphic designy artsy fartsy pretentious snobs (like us) will totally get it and have all kinds of opinions.

3. You can use Emojis on Twitter Now: HIP HIP HOORAH! Three cheers for Twitter and the internets! Anyway, this should open up all sorts of fun things. For example using the classic Emoji of two women salsa dancing in red dresses will save you upwards of 20 characters when describing your girls only Saturday night apartment dance party. #win

4. And naturally, we will finish this Internet post with a cat video. Enjoy chums! We never get tired of supporting the Viral Cat Video industry as a whole.

Looking at the Queen in Magazines

So it's been a few posts since we paid our general props to everything and anything Beyoncé. So behold some glamour shots of our Yoncé rocking the Marilyn 'do in the May 2014 issue of Out Magazine. We think she looks great, but everyone's a critic.

Check out these exclusive groovy remixes to Blow and OX.

See more after the break!

They're back. We're hooked.

Hot on the heels of a possible James Franco Catfish (won't bore you with our opinion, but we're leaning towards it's a hoax and/or he's creepy!) we've been graced with a trailer from our favourite MTV duo. Catfish Season 3 is on its way people, and we CANNOT WAIT -- particularly since the show teaches us such valuable dating and life lessons. Happy to see Nev's sage 'request a picture with your name' advice employed during the aforementioned scandal. Sure, it doesn't make the situation less troubling, but you should never be too careful.

Enjoy this sneak peek of what is to come! According to our favourite silver fox, it's gonna be dark, cold and twisted.

They're back May 7.

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