The Lifestyles of Blue Ivy Carter

If you weren't already in a long weekend induced good mood, get ready to be! Today we've been graced with some insight into the lifestyle of one Blue Ivy Carter. And since nobody has produced a HBO documentary about this child and/or Ryan Seacrest hasn't had the sense to host an E! Special, please use this post full of designer clothes, elegant diamonds & famous friends as a substitute (suggested theme song included).




Handsome Fellas Hanging Out: Veronica Mars Set Edition

If you have little to no interest in the Veronica Mars Movie you might want to start losing interest in this blog, as we won't stop talking about it.

Today we were particularly enthused to see our favourite hotties (Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell and Ryan Hansen!) hanging out on set together. Time seems to have been nothing but kind to the men in Veronica's life and we are swooning already.

Here are some additional photos that have hit the interweb today! We aren't ones for frantic speculation, but is that Piz holding Veronica's hand? It is hard for our hearts to ignore.

Looking at Boys in Magazines: Drake Days of Summer Edition

We gotta say we've been kinda off the Drake tip these days. However, he is starting to win us back with this cover. He's definitely looked better in past shoots, and we can't confidently get behind this outfit, but the inside pages are pretty darn seksi.

Those are some hella tight and white jeans.

Smilingly yours,

The Morning After: Much Music Video Awards

Yes, we have award shows in Canada too and though we don't actually watch them good for us for having them!

In our defense Sunday is a fairly demanding television night & quality programming like Mad Men (OMG, Sally! btw) doesn't get postponed for the MMVAs. Our beady little eyes did catch a glimpse of one beautiful and familiar face last night: Josh Bowman, swoon. And by the difficult nature of finding a good picture of him from last night it appears many of you missed it. He was looking fine and this was a rare opportunity for all to hear that sexy accent.

In other observations, we really liked this Hervé Leger look on Taylor Swift:

Happy Monday!

Dancing with Dick Casablancas

Our enthusiasm over the return of Veronica Mars is hardly a secret and apparently neither is Ryan Hansens.

Ryan tweeted this video last night and shook his booty back into character; officially announcing his return as Dick Casablancas! Drippin' swagoo fo sho.


Pretty Pretty Cocktails: Angel Food Cake

Recently Caitlin returned from a swanky retreat in Boca Raton, Florida, with more than just a tan: a scrumptious cocktail recipe!

We couldn't not share. As well-appointed trendsters, we whipped it together last weekend and it made us feel as if we were summering in style.

Here is what you'll need:

1/2 oz of Disaronno
1/2 oz of Whipped vodka (we used Pinnacle! A vanilla flavoured vodka is ok too)
Splash(es) of pineapple juice
Splash(es) of cranberry juice
As many maraschino cherries as you desire...
Martini glass

Mix together over ice and shake until frothy, strain into glass.

Dolphin cocktail picks / Martini glass / Penguin shaker

Catfish: Part Deux

Folks summer television is upon us and includes our favourite guilty pleasure: Catfish!

What the sophomore season seems to offer up is a whole lot of tears. The preview heavily suggests that new contestants characters people are trying to offer up twists on classic catfishing. We can expect online engagements and money swindling! Nev is particularly flabbergasted.

New Season premieres June 25.

Anywho, good luck finding love out there this weekend. Happy Friday!

The Morning After: 2013 CFDA Awards

The 2013 CFDA Awards took place in NYC last night, and, as per usual, we found ourselves fending off a ferocious case of FOMO.

We particularly enjoy this annual event because there is a nice mixture of fashion designers, fashionista actresses and models. See below for our musings:

Our favs: Ellie Kemper in a Naeem Khan, Rooney Mara in Calvin Klein, Harley Viera-Newton in a Steven Alan white suit and carried a clutch by Olympia Le Tan, and Hilary Rhoda in Helmut Lang

The see-through gang: Cynthia Rowley, Jemima Kirke and the other Mara sister in Dolce & Gabbana. Quite frankly, we are sick of this look and not afraid to say it!

Could not complete this post without mentioning:

Took us a few seconds to understand what we were looking at here. First of all, where is Ashley (?!?!), second, Elizabeth is way taller than MK (what happened there?), and thirdly, MK is rapidly turning into a Rachel Zoe lookalike, no? They both actually look pretty good, all in all.

We have to admit that we didn't actually watch the awards or read about who won/lost etc, because it's not that interesting to us/you.

Dubiously yours,

Monday in Love

In an attempt to forget the horrors experienced during last night's television viewing (chiefly among them: Kim implying something about Kanye & his nether regions!), let's all enjoy this rare affectionate moment between the only couple that matter: Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Just trying to put a positive spin on your week, also if you haven't watched GOT yet, avoid the rest of Internet!

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