Familiar Faces: New Girl Strikes Back Edition

Like many of you, we are delighted to be again watching new episodes of New Girl (after a summer of binge re-watching...). We think it's necessary to point out that Schmidt's part-time girlfriend Elizabeth and recent Emmy winner Merritt Wever first made our acquaintance in one of our all time fave movies: Strike.

The 1998 film was mysteriously renamed All I Wanna Do at an unknown date (but was clearly called Strike when I rented it monthly from Blockbuster circa the 2000's). If you haven't seen it, we highly recommend! It stars Kirsten Dunst too! Yay for teen movies that stand the test time!

Although it doesn't seem like she has been up to much (in Hollywood) since Strike, a quick IMDB query has revealed she has in fact been up to a lot! We are loathe to admit that we didn't make it past a few early Nurse Jackie episodes (only because we are poor and without cable). Anyway, she was a hit at the Emmys with this memorable acceptance speech:

We approve! And hope to see more of her in future projects.

Morning After: The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards

Best Dressed Lady: Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein Collection. If we ever need to go anywhere fancy ever again, we wanna look like this.

Best Dressed Man: Zachary Quinto

The Cast That Dressed Exactly How We Expected: Girls obviously. We kinda wanna see Lena Dunham in TLC's What Not To Wear, she has so much potential.

Best Dressed Young Fashionistas: Homeland's Morgan Saylor in Honor and Kiernan Shipka in Delpozoa.

Best Dressed Lady (Circa the 10th Primetime Emmy Awards in 1958 of course): Zooey Deschanel in J. Mendel

Hottest Couples: Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, Shasi Wells and Dylan McDermott, Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal

Campaigning For Sex Symbol Status: Contrasting the 50's housewife frock she wore to the (hilarious) James Franco Roast, Sarah Silverman is looking seductive in a $60 form fitting dress, you go girl! Linda Cardellini wearing a gorgeous Donna Karan Atelier dress.

Campaigning For Red Carpet Risk-Taker Status: Mindy Kaling in Georges Chakra, Kate Mara in J. Mendel, Michelle Dockery in Prada.

Ladies in Bizarre and Colourless Gowns: There are far too many of these dresses on the RC than we would like.

Most Inexplicable Outfit and Presence: Paula Abdul

Veronica Mars Flashback We Wanted To See The Least: Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna

The 4th Ever Bangin' Awards: Emmy Edition

The 65th Annual Emmy awards are almost here (hint: they're tonight!) and in keeping with tradition lets discuss character style before scrutinizing red carpet fashions. There was a ton of drama, and hilarity on the small screen this year and a lot of great clothing to go with it.

Best Dressed Leading Female Character
Olivia Pope, Scandal
Go to look: Clean cut jackets, all black [white & grey] everything, designer staples & peplum tops
Enviable Accessories: Sleek handbags, arm length gloves and white hats
We’d like to see: How she'd change things up as first lady, her take on Inauguration outerwear
Style Rival: Selena Meyer, Veep

Best Dressed Supporting Female Character
Megan Draper, Mad Men
Go to look: Shift dresses, bold psychedelic prints,and maxi dresses
Enviable Accessories: Bouffants, winged eye makeup, headscarfs, fishnet tights & hoops
We’d like to see: More of her bohemian casual wear
Style (also, occasional romantic) Rival: Betty Francis, Mad Men

Best Dressed Leading Male Character
Schmidt, New Girl
Go to look: Binder full of suits, jeans paired with collared shirts
Enviable Accessories: Driving moccasins, belts that light up your midsection
We’d like to see: What he'll wear to the Crystal anniversary party
Style Rival: Daniel Grayson, Revenge

Best Dressed Supporting Male Character
Nolan Ross, Revenge
Go to look: White jackets, candy colors, popped collars and nautical inspired pieces
Enviable Accessories: Penny loafers, and a shockingly hot body
We’d like to see: the Drive-esque varsity jacket back in Season 3
Style Rival: Mitchell Pritchett, Modern Family

Best Dressed Cast in a Television Series
Go to look: Bold sequins & sparkels, sophisticated LBD & LWD, romantic floral & lace, denim
Enviable Accessories: Loose curls, great leather jackets, rockstar boots and guitars
We’d like to see: More red-carpet looks. The CMA's weren't enough
Style Rival: Parenthood

Best dressed, underage character in a Television Series
Sally Draper, Mad Men
Go to look: Mod skirts, knee socks and ruffled pajama sets
Enviable Accessories: Headbands, cigarettes & attitude
We’d like to see: Her allowed to wear those go-go boots eventually!
Style Rival: Rachel Berry, Glee

Best Office Wear in a Television Series
Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project
Go to look: Silk shirts, vintage-esque collared dresses, pleated skirts and cardigans
Enviable Accessories: Smart, sexy eyewear, skinny belts and colorful scarves
We’d like to see her in: More daring scrubs
Style Rival: Penny Hartz, Happy Endings

Best use of J. Crew in a Television Series
Jessica Day, New Girl
Go to look: Cashmere sweaters, colorful tees, pea-coats and pajama sets
Enviable Accessories: Everything goes with J. Crew
We’d like to see: More printed pants
Style Rival: The ladies of Pawnee, Parks and Rec

Looking at Boys in Magazines: Eastwood 2.0

Loyal readers will recall that last week we shared a dreamy picture of young Clint Eastwood, click here for a refresher. This week the stars fully aligned to provide us with a perfect follow up post in the form of one Scott Eastwood. Scott, son of Clint, is a supposed actor, avid surfer and all around hunk.

Enjoy these images of him, as featured in Town and Country:

NOTE: Our research department (ie. Google) confirms he never appeared on Mrs. Eastwood and Company AND will be starring in a movie with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. He's legit.


Admittedly we are late to the party on this one but just watched the promo for Revenge Season 3 last night, and you guys: gasp!

Yes, we too grew a little indifferent towards Emily Thornes vengeful antics last season (until SPOILER: she revealed her Amanda Clarkness to Jack and that insufferable Declan bit the dust!) but now, consider us hooked back in. If you haven't viewed, please take a moment and watch your jaw drop! Also, eyes peeled for a sexy looking Daniel in sunglasses and equally sexy new shirtless guy.

The show returns September 29.

Ps. Looks as if someones trying for a back-to-back Bangin' Award win with that wedding gown!

Morning After: TIFF opening weekend

This year the Toronto International Film Festival wants to know: "What's Your Festival Personality?" Well, we prefer to avoid the crazed fans and gentle stalking (it is Toronto, after all) in favor of judging the fashion of the famous from a safe, less crowded distance. That is not to say we don't hold out hope for a casual run-in with our favorite visiting celebs, so rest assured you might find us nonchalantly hovering around Yorkville.

This past weekend kicked off the festival and boy are the boys looking sharp this year! We've compiled for your prying eyes what we've obsessed about, liked, what we wanted to like and what just wasn't great at all (IOHO!). Did we miss anyone?


We refrained from completing this post until the Gravity red carpet as as we suspected that George and Sandy would be looking gorg. George Clooney was a no show, but Sandra stunned in a simple, chic colour blocked dress.

And then, Taylor Kitsch appeared at the Grand Seduction premiere and we were all like, George who?


Benedict Cumberbatch's tux was impossibly suave at the Fifth Estate premiere.

This blue suit was almost enough to fill the giant sized Matthew Crawley hole in our hearts. He still looks rather gaunt though. Dan Stevens at the Fifth Estate premiere.

This can't be a surprise. Hugh Jackman's suit is cut to perfection at the Prisoners premiere.

Now these are shades of grey we are actually interested in. Jake Gyllenhaal at the Prisoners premiere.

The post-2012 Emmy James Van Der Beek renaissance continues at the Labor Day premiere. Sidenote: Labor Day also stars Kate Winslet (Go Dawson!)

12 Years a Slave actress Lupita Nyong'os' beautiful white gown took our attentions off Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender.

Dakota Fanning at the Last of Robin Hood premiere.

Casual, adorable and great shoe clad Amy Poehler.

This is stunning on Keira Knightly. Also obsessing over the no-fuss make-up and nude heels!

Not feeling, but wanted to like...:

Nicole Kidman's lace cut out blazer probably seemed like an interesting idea in theory, but she should have opted for something with a little more grace (Kelly, that is. Har. Har.)

LOVE the shorts! Actually LOVE the top! DO NOT LOVE THEM TOGETHER. Come on!

We're usually huge fans of Elizabeth Olsen, but this pattern is a little too hypnotic and not in a good way.

Not great at all...:

These are the illest fitting pants we've seen in a while, can't believe they are on Clive Owen. What happened?!

We have nothing nice to say here.

People seem to be really failing at pants. Grandma pattern plus not enough length = where's the flood?

We still have another week of the festival to go! Happy stalking.

Rainy Day Clint

It is a windy, rainy afternoon here in Toronto and we need a pick me up! This picture of a young Clint Eastwood is just the ticket. We stumbled across it earlier this week and think it is definitely worth sharing.

What a fox, and those short shorts are reviling Bob Benson at his finest. If only this were the summer of 1956 and we were on the receiving end of that call. That said, if 83 year old Clint is still your jam we hear he is recently single.

New Girl: Season 3 Premiere Stills

They're back and Schmidt is shirtless! All that we can truly tell from these images is that Nick definitely seems like Jess' bonafide (Eeek!). Things for Schmidt still seem up in the air, while Winston predictably continues to skulk about with the gang, but judge for yourselves.

Let the shenanigans continue on September 17.

Yay, for fall television!

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