Resort Collections 2013

The Resort Collections for 2013 are too beautiful to ignore. See below for some of our favourite looks.

Dear Lauren and Caitlin

As our loyal and dedicated readers have probably already noticed, we occasionally provide the masses with effective and illustrative advice for their run of the mill everyday issues; solicited or not. See below for latest inquiry.

Q: How can I effectively have sexual intercourse while repelling?

A: This is a complicated feat to say to the least and should not be performed without some intense and thorough preparation. We are going to have to really stretch our collective imaginations to come up with a solution since neither of us has ever successfully achieved sexual intercourse while repelling (this must come as a surprise!).

Quite frankly, after convening yesterday to discuss, we don't think the Internet is really the best place to seek out this kind of advice, mostly because we tried searching and there is nothing. Your best bet is to consult a zoologist, a rock climbing enthusiast, perhaps Tom Cruise or similar because this seems like something in which only cliff-dwelling animals and building scalers engage.*

However, the last thing we want to do is leave you in a lurch. It sounds like you have deeper issues that might be at the forefront of your desire to have sex while repelling. Instead of exploring these complex matters, we suggest listening to some Novel (see below). As we so often seek answers in popular culture we thought this could get your sexual juices flowing, maybe enough to get you in the mood when not "repelling," in whatever context.

*We are by no means experts, but if you are indeed repelling down the side of a mountain and suddenly feel an unignorable impulse, we urge you not to remove any safety equipment in order to facilitate a sexual position.

Good luck.

Florence Nightingalishly yours,

Anatomy of a Hottie: Hamilton Edition

We are nothing if not boy crazy on top of obvious racing fanatics. Here we present to you the glorious Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. This British beauty is known not only for his superior driving skillz, but also for his notoriously seksi relationship with Nicole Scherzinger. Calm down, they're pretty on-again-off-again. Having just won the Grand Prix du Canada yesterday, this champion is a star on and off the track! And we must boast that during last year's GP we were lucky enough to weasel our way into a VIP booth with him and his skin is like butter in real life. (Also successfully photobombed him. Result!)

NOTE: we have included additional photographic evidence of Lewis' hottness since the below photo, though we are sure an accurate portrayal of his charms, does not fully show the complex and beautiful artistry of his face.

Lauren caught up with him at this year's GP in Montreal. She took this photo while he was clearly waving to her during the driver parade. Result!

Inspiration: Pastel in the Home

As much as we love a pop of intense colour in a room, pastel tints in decor can be just as effective in creating a beautiful space. Baby blues, pinks, purples, peaches and yellows on accessories are perfect when combined with 50 shades of grey, on the wall that is.

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