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It's Wednesday, I called in sick today and just accidentally ate a mushroom. This is giving me life right now.

Morning After: The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards

Obviously the Emmy Awards suffered from some horrible audio problems last night, but we managed to hear the most important thing: Winners thanking beautiful woman named Lauren (everywhere we assume) for being the loves of their lives (one of us pretended Aaron Paul was speaking directly to her.) And though we were left wondering about a few things: What was Jimmy Kimmel saying for the first two minutes? Why does Chris Harrison get overlooked in the Reality Host Category? Where were all the British actors on the Red Carpet? How could Aziz Ansari pretend to be British, but forget to be a gentleman? Were those photographers to the side of the stage real? When, in the name of Dawson's ever-flowing tears, did James Van der Beek get hot?

Here is what we are clear on:  

Best Dressed Gentlemen: Jon Hamm in Armani, Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (we love the waistcoat!), and Aaron Paul  

Best Dressed Ladystar: Lucy Lui in Versace  

Mad Style: All the ladies of Mad Men chose great dresses. Our French Canadienne girl Jessica ParĂ© looked smashing and we loved January Jones' dress, but her hair and makeup was une catastrophe! And the only explanation for Peggy's (Elizabeth Moss) remarkable transformation is GIRLFRIEND FINALLY GOT A STYLIST!  

Worst Ladies: Connie Britton in Judith Lieber, Hayden Panetierre in Marchesa. What an eyesore when those two outfits crashed into each other onstage.   

Most Improved (aka people who got hot in time for Emmy): James Van Der Beek, Julianne Hough and Anna Chlumpsky (yes, Vada Sultenfuss)  

Hot couple alert: Kat Dennings and Nick Zano, Julianna Margulies and HOTTIE     

Cute couple alert: Ellen and Portia  

Sister Wives Strike Again: Lena Dunham and Mayim Bialik  

Colour gone right:

Colour gone wrong:  

Christian Greys:  

Bouffant failure: Ashley Judd  

Bouffant Success: Tina Fey

The 2nd Ever Bangin’ Awards: Emmy Edition

Though the annual Emmy Awards acknowledge the best in television talent and the craft of acting we here at PPBB, prefer to acknowledge the real winners: the clothes.

See below for our style picks as we hand out The Bangin’ Awards (Emmy Edition). It was a tasteful season in television.

Best Dressed Leading Female Character
Emily Van Camp, as Emily Thorne in Revenge
Go to look: Grace Kelly inspired, Hamptons chic.
Enviable Accessories: Wigs, weaponry, angst and Daniel Grayson
We’d like to see her in: Edgier clothing. She looks fab in her bandage dresses, but would like to see how she does in some badass avant-garde fashion.
Style Rival: Victoria Grayson, Revenge

Best Dressed Supporting Female Character
Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey

Go to look: Evening Wear. Drop waist dresses with intricate beading.
Enviable Accessories: Gloves, ornate necklaces and a sharp tongue
We’d like to see her in: New clothes! Although we deeply appreciate that there was a war and Lady Mary couldn't have a dozen new frocks made every month, wearing the same dress over and over again hurts our hearts. We get it. But please don't do it again this season.
Style Rival: Betty Draper, Mad Men

Best Dressed Leading Male Character
Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True Blood

Go to look: Classic badass. Black Henley and eternally perfect fitting jeans.
Enviable Accessories: Leather jackets.
We’d like to see him in: Our Beds and in a tuxedo more – preferably at the same time.
Style Rival: Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries

Best Dressed Supporting Male Character
Ed Helmes as Andy Bernard in The Office

Go to look: Preppy. Bright pastels, khakis and cardigan sweaters
Enviable Accessories: Standout ties (mainly of the bowtie variety), Cornell inspired spirit wear
We’d like to see him in: We wouldn't put it past Andy to jump on the hipster band-fixed-gear-bike-wagon. It would be funny
Style Rival: Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation

Best Dressed Cast in a Television Series
Mad Men

Go to look: Day to night, divine office wear. Tailored pencil and scandalous mini skirts, cocktail dresses, three-piece suits and overcoats that won’t quit.
Enviable Accessories: Fur jackets, skinny ties, fedoras and tortoiseshell frames (RIP Lane Pryce).
We’d like to see them in: Peggy hitting the style marks at some point in the series
Style Rival: Cast of Boardwalk Empire

Best dressed, under 13 character in a Television Series
Rico Rodriguez as Manny Delgado in Modern Family

Go to look: 40-year-old man. Hawaiian shirts, suits and polos
Enviable Accessories: Spectacles, espresso machine and dinner jackets
We’d like to see him in: Some more prints. He could take a cue from Cam’s vibrant floral or Phil’s plaids
Style Rival: Blain Anderson, Glee

Most Realistically (Socioeconomically and emotionally speaking) Dressed Cast in a Television Series

Go to look: Fashion on a Budget. Vintage pieces, Urban Outfitters cast offs, J. Crew staples (Shoshanna we are looking at you here) and jeans with a slim leg
Enviable Accessories: Tattoo’s, garbage bag suitcases, spanx, cross body bags and the ability (or shamelessness?) to go braless in public
We’d like to see her in: Appropriate office wear and a bra
Style Rival: Breaking Bad

Enjoy the Emmy’s tonight on ABC (CTV in Canada, hollah!), we look forward to the Morning After.

Best in Show

Back to school is upon us, but for those of you who have begrudgingly crept into adulthood, evaded becoming a teacher and/or have no offspring to speak of, it is just regular old fall. So while we don't get to experience the thrill (or agony) of walking those high school halls, we can look forward to our favourite shows returning to the small screen and everyone is present and accounted for.

So without further ado, broken up into nifty school related categories (we're so cleaver like that!) we present to you our picks for must watch TV this fall:

The History Club: Downton Abbey

Premiere Date: September 16th (BBC)

We know that Lord Grantham scolded us for streaming DA in the past, but who wants to muddle through until January to see Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley as a bonafide couple? And with a wedding supposedly on the horizon and Shirley Maclaine's arrival we are pulling a Lady Sybil by dubiously defying his orders. The Overachievers: Parks and Recreation

Premiere Date: September 20th (NBC)

We have missed the Pawnee Parks Department just as much as Ron Swanson hates everything; i.e. immensely. In light of the tragic end of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett's (real life) marriage we need Leslie Knope and Bens Wyatt's quirky romance more than ever. If something goes wrong with those two, god help us, love does not exist. Luckily the prognosis looks good as rumor has it the premiere takes place in Washington DC where Ben took a job last season. Other possible saving graces: John Ralphio definitely returning and Tom 'Tommy Fresh' Haverford.
The Mean Girls: Revenge

Premiere Date: September 30th (ABC)

As pretty recent Revenge addicts, we were relieved that we didn't have to wait a full summer to find out if Victoria Grayson lives! Although having binge-watched the first season, it's still felt like a while. As our heart aches for a Daniel Grayson sighting, we hear the Hamptons is about to get a bit more devious with a ton of new characters – including Emily Thorne's mother (!), sexy foreign love interests and a possible baby (although lets all hope that's a hoax and faux Amanda hits the bricks.)

The Hipsters: New Girl

Premiere Date: September 25th (FOX)

It is a true American travesty that Jess and Nick have not yet consummated their oh-so obvious love for one another AND we heard that Schmidt and Cece don't even get back together! Safe to day romance is not this show's strong suit, but we will continue to faithfully tune in, of course (we predict a touching Ross and Rachel type situation). Although we could easily do without Winston's weak rhetoric, we find ourselves constantly quoting the ever hilarious Schmidt: has anyone seen my driving moccasins?
The Loner: Dexter

Premiere Date: September 30th (Showtime)

Deb knows and there has been a proposition of incest (not incest strictly speaking, but as good as!) We can't focus long enough to even discuss it.

The Popular Kids: Happy Endings

Premiere Date: October 23rd (ABC)

This show got off to a rough (i.e. not funny) start, but, alas, has become quite good in its second season. Although we find Alex and Dave absurdly unfunny, we are curious about the budding (misguided?) romance between Penny and Dave. Max: also hilarious. Sidenote: we are calling these kids popular, but really this is only in reference to Penny (should we be worried that we relate to her a little too much?) and Brad.

The New Kid: The Mindy Project

Premiere: September 25th (FOX)

If you haven't gleaned from this post that we obsessed with televised romance…then re-read. That is why we love The Mindy Project (the pilot is available online). This show is basically a rom-com movie abridged into 22 enjoyable minutes. We don't love the name, but the cast is cute and funny.
The Oddballs: The Office

Premiere: September 20th (NBC)

Prepare yourself to bid farewell to Pam, Jim, Dwight and the gang. Although we experienced some emotional turmoil saying goodbye to Michael a few seasons ago we were able to find solace in new manager Andrew "Nard Dog" Bernard; but nothing is cushioning this blow. Apparently there is a lot to cover this season with rumours that we might just find out the reason behind the Dunder Mifflin documentary and a possible Steve Carell return -- could it be too good to be true? Other highlights include: Andy and Erins beyond cute chemistry, confirming Angela's husband is gay and your almost decade long crush on Jim Halpert, of course.

Fanatically yours,


Kids that are dripping swaggoo

It's no secret that PPBB is a fan of fashionable kids (evidence) but just looking these little style mavens has me flustered. They are way too cool, it's almost life-affirming. Dripping of swaggoo.

I'm dying to birth out a couple of mixed race babies and raise him and her (twins obvi) solely for the purpose of fashionization. Made it up.

Looking at these perfect little pumpernickels caused me to take a look back and reflect on my own fashion choices of yesteryear. Now it's easy to blame your parents, mostly your mother and there's no doubt your grandmother had a hand in some of it, but i am certain that you too, from a young age, began to assert your individuality through bizarre clothing choices. Looking, of course, nothing like the above.

NOTICE: I don't know any of these kids personally nor have anything close to permission to use their photos on my blog. I just spotted them on Pinterest. That makes it ok right? I know shit can get weird with kids on the internet and stuff.

Enviously yours,

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