To Like or Not to Like: Bob Benson

For those of you watching Mad Men this season, tell us: how do you feel about Bob Benson? We’re torn.

Disclaimer: We were slightly predisposed to hate him as our only familiarity with James Wolk (the actor playing Bob) comes from a past role as a preppy-jerk boyfriend type in For a Good Time Call.

This is what we know and like about BB

He is one snappy dresser. Short shorts!

He seems to truly want to help out Joan (also Pete!). Ps. Is Bob dating Joan? We need to see some on-screen physical displays as confirmation. Beach date was not enough.

He is real life hot.

This is what we don’t trust about BB

100% Sycophant.


Bit of a liar. He told Ken his father died, but told Pete that he was recently nursed back to health! Mind. Blown. This could, however, all just be part of the sucking up.

Apparently we are not alone. Rolling Stone started a popular hashtag #WhoisBobBenson and apparently some real life humans have some popular theories about him (i.e. undercover law enforcement, a foil for Mr. Draper himself or even a love child!).

Not ones for ruining TV with conspiracy theories we just want to know if you can tolerate him or not?

Handsome Fellas Hanging Out: Volume 3

Hey Reader.

Here's a true afternoon delight!: Jason Bateman and Will Arnett out and about in New York.

With only a week until you hermit out to watch all 15 new episodes of AD in a row, we recommend getting out and enjoying the sunshine this weekend. These two sure did, cutest couple of the long weekend.

Happy Friday!

Monday Links: Artsy Fartsy Edition

We are feeling acutely artistic this week, maybe it's because one of us is planning a baby shower and the other one is helping! Hurrah!

In the ever-evolving world of party planning, one must always choose a colour palette, dawlings! So we like this nice compact website where you can instantly create colour palettes with as many or as few hues you require. This site is also helpful if you need a little assistance with complimentary combinations. Of course, we still turn to ColourLovers for ready-made palettes.

While you're riding this colour wave, check out Amy Sia's rich and vibrant prints over at Society 6. We especially love the painterly pillow covers.

Award for most creative Dad goes to this guy. His sandwich bags are the bomb dig. This practice got us thinking about how it could be translated into a cool high school art project. And then that got us thinking about high school art projects and how they seemed inherently pointless and we were often left thinking "why are you making me do this? This isn't art!". Thank god we've thoroughly gotten over that teenage self-righteous behaviour! But seriously, why couldn't our dads do stuff like this when we were young? Surely we would be at least 70% more creative now!

Anatomy of a Hottie: Sexy Lipsync Edition

Happy Friday!

If you haven't watched the clip of John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon soundlessly battling in a lip-sync-off, you are going to have to stop whatever you're doing and watch it now (see below). It's fantastic and we love John Krasinski more than ever.

Let's just say it wouldn't be inappropriate to call us super fans (still relatively indifferent to Jimmy however).

We are also mentally preparing for our own Lip Sync battles. Caitlin would obviously choose I Want You To Need Me by Celine Dion and Lauren's choice is clearly Radio Romance by Tiffany.

Groovingly yours,

The Morning After: Met Gala 2013

Loyal readers will recall that back during Oscar blitz we had a hankering to see someone rock a jumpsuit + overskirt; foolishly we should have used better judgement and forseen it in full force at the MET Gala. The Naeem Khan ensemble we were swooning over at the time even made an appearance on Elaina Watley (girlfriend of Victor Cruz...yes, we also had to Google who that was). AND Heidi Klum wore the Marchesa dress we predicted for Sandra Bullock. Again our fashion prowess astounds!

But enough about us.

In the spirit of playing favorites, here are our top looks of the evening:

Conversely, we actaully can't even deal with:

Or with how some people we like wore some cray patterns and bizarre matching gloves we hated:

Naturally, we had jumpsuit envy:

But also jumpsuit disinterest:

Some people had hair wins:

Others had hair loss (harhar):

Fashion faves wore graceful headgear:

Katy Perry wore disgraceful headgear:

Men wore blue & it was a win all around!:

Looking at Aaron Paul

I love Aaron Paul. He is hot. He is adorable.
Enjoy these photographs as taken by Terry Richardson.


Campbell Down: For Immediate Release

Quite frankly this is the greatest thing that has ever happened on Mad Men, ever:

Pete Campbell falling is nothing short of hilarious and we can't stop laughing.

Also, last night's was one of our favourite episodes so far this season! Peaches!

The Great Gatsby Has a Premiere

Wouldn't be a normal week without mentioning it, and with less than 10 days until lift off (though it feels more like a decade) you shouldn't be surprised.

In keeping with our excitement we wanted to pass some positive judgement on how the stars looked at last night's premiere.

The films star, Carey Mulligan looked naturally elegant in Lanvin.

Though completely unrelated to the project, Nina Dobrev looked gorgeous and sharply on trend with the movie's chic 20's style in Versace.

Two of our fav men, Leo and Jay were obviously in attendance and looked dapper.

And they totally hung out together too! (oh, Tobey Maguire was also there.)

Also, Baz Luhrmann is hot, no? (is that awkward? are we alone...hello?)


Riding in Elevators with Boys

Some serious magic happened on last night's episode of New Girl:

In light of this romantitude (or possible error in judgement; we will find out next week!) here at PPBB we want to make a couple of things clear: we are pro Nick and Jess; we are also pro romance defining elevator moments.

Here are our Top 5 fictional elevator trysts, stolen moments and kisses:

5. Meredith and Derek, The First Cut is the Deepest
This show seriously made the elevator romance a thing and the first was always the most memorable.

4. Rayna and Deacon, I've Been Down that Road Before
If we weren't hooked before, twelve episodes was too long to wait.

3. Carrie and Big, Easy Come, Easy Go
Not so hot for Carrie's personal life, but hotter than hot for the rest of us.

2. Romeo and Juliet, Romeo + Juliet
If you don't know it or get it, we don't know or get you.

1. Driver and Irene, Drive
Don't pretend like you don't still think about it.

And, heck just because it is Wednesday and you likely need a pick me up here is the video also:

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