Anatomy of a Hottie: Hamilton Edition

We are nothing if not boy crazy on top of obvious racing fanatics. Here we present to you the glorious Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. This British beauty is known not only for his superior driving skillz, but also for his notoriously seksi relationship with Nicole Scherzinger. Calm down, they're pretty on-again-off-again. Having just won the Grand Prix du Canada yesterday, this champion is a star on and off the track! And we must boast that during last year's GP we were lucky enough to weasel our way into a VIP booth with him and his skin is like butter in real life. (Also successfully photobombed him. Result!)

NOTE: we have included additional photographic evidence of Lewis' hottness since the below photo, though we are sure an accurate portrayal of his charms, does not fully show the complex and beautiful artistry of his face.

Lauren caught up with him at this year's GP in Montreal. She took this photo while he was clearly waving to her during the driver parade. Result!

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