Who Will They Choose: Sexiest Man Edition

Yes, it is that time of year again! People Magazine is preparing to announce its Sexiest Man Alive this week and although we expressed some disappointment last year we are still pretty eager for Wednesday to roll around. We decided to hop on the sexy bandwagon and make some predictions of who we'd accept on this years cover...


Why he could be Sexiest: He's been crazy sexy for years, but has never earned the title (travesty!). He has three big movies coming out in the next year, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street. If not 2012 maybe 2013, although if Jack Dawson couldn't do it, can anyone?


Why he could be Sexiest: He is, in our humble opinion, the sexiest James Bond yet and is currently hot off of Skyfall. Also he is British, extra sexy points for sure.


Why he could be Sexiest: Women couldn't hold back tears during The Vow, hold back laughter during 21 Jump Street and couldn't hold it together during Magic Mike. He's a sexy trifecta who looks amazing in a suit.


Why he could be Sexiest: Since Obsessed he has consistently made better choices (sorry, Beyonce) showing us his sexy is here to stay. Prometheus and Thor have really thrust him toward super stardom, and could set him up to be People's second black Sexiest Man Alive.


Why he could be Sexiest: Mad Men had arguably the best season ever this year and he, as always, is killing it as the uber sexy Don Draper.


Why he could be Sexiest: In the Dark Knight he was more scary than sexy, but made up for it in Lawless and This Means War, also by just being all around attractive.


Why he could be Sexiest: We're really just kidding here. Sure he's gotten really hot this year, but that's playing a little fast and loose with the word "man." One day maybe.

Current crushes we are also hoping to see make the list:
(Left to Right: Jesse Williams, Joshua Bowman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Adam Scott, Aaron Paul, Eddie Redmayne, Aziz Ansari, Jim Sturgess)

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