Loblaws: A Love Story

Last week we both had the pleasure of having a Loblaws open in our respective neighbourhoods. We’d like to personally thank Galen Weston for this strategic planning, and sparing us the jealousy that would have ensued had this not occurred.

These Loblaws are life changing. Yes, that is dramatic, but if you live near Queen and Portland or Church and Carlton your life has just changed. You no longer have to do your grocery shopping at Shoppers Drugmart, forcing you to eliminate fresh produce from your diet entirely; you no longer have to trek to No Frills or Price Chopper while praying that they will have something that resembles fresh lettuce or that someone has left a quarter in the cart locker thing sparing you the hassle. You now have Blue Menu and the Insiders Guide at your finger tips and you can finally relate to those Galen Weston commercials!

Here are some other reasons why we welcome these new additions with open arms. They are finally catering to the singleton apartment crowd; now we are able to enjoy the finer things in life in the form of prepared foods for one. No I don’t want to cook an entire chicken, but yes I want to purchase a delightfully premade gourmet Macaroni and Cheese that will feed me for days.

We can splurge and save at the same time: by purchasing that expensive cheese (from what can only be described as an amazing wall of cheese) and then buying everything else PC brand and coming out right on budget! We can stop in and get everything we want all at one place.

Are you going out to a birthday celebration Saturday night? Stop into Loblaws, pick up some flowers, maybe a cute cupcake from the bakery, pick up a bottle of wine for your pre-drink, grab your outfit from the dry cleaner, head down/up to Joe Fresh pick up some new earrings and then ask for cash back on your way out and you’re good to go. We dare you to tell us this isn’t life changing.

Elatedly yours,

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