The 1st Ever Bangin' Awards: Oscars Edition

True, our hearts are a flutter with anticipation at the thought of seeing the glorious confections that are unveiled during Sunday night’s Oscar red carpet, but we also find a thrill in gazing at the equally fashionable characters that these fine actors portray on the silver screen! So similarly to the academy, we gathered and voted for our Best Dressed Characters in film. Below find the winners of the 1st Annual Bangin' Awards:

*We reserve the right to issue these awards to any candidate in any professional discipline who is looking bangin’ at any time.

Best dressed male character in a motion picture

Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Go to look: Layering. Wrinkled shirt, vest and/or cardigan paired with jeans that fit him like a freaking glove
Enviable accessories: Scarf, leather document holder, sexy spectacles
We’d like to see him in: That leather jacket. Sure we felt bad for Lisbeth in the end, but she truly robbed us of what would have been some fashion-conscious eye candy; you win some, you lose some.

Best dressed supporting male character in a motion picture

Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer, Crazy Stupid Love.

Go to look: Labels. Slim fit suits, custom made shirts
Enviable accessories: Man rings, sunglasses and pocket squares
We’d like to see him in: Can we say nothing?

Best dressed female character in a motion picture

Reese Witherspoon as Marlena Rosenbluth in Water for Elephants

Go to look: Hollywood glamour. Figure-flattering evening wear with stunning necklines,
pencil skirts with belted tops.
Enviable accessories: Soft feminine scarves, ornate jewellery, riding boots and Robert Pattinson
We’d like to see her in: A quirky hat and brighter colours. She could stand to get a bit more whimsical – she is in the circus for goodness sake.

Best dressed supporting female character in a motion picture

Jessica Chastain as Celia Foote in The Help

Go to look: Bombshell. Rompers, body-conscious bright colours and patterns
Enviable accessories: Red lips, red nails, killer eye make-up and playful handbags
We’d like to see her in: A prim, southern belle dress from back in her Hilly days. Sure she rocked it!

Best dressed cast of characters in a motion picture

My Week with Marilyn

Go to look: Sexy preppy. Capri pants, collared shirts, figure-hugging skirts, three-piece suits,
chunky cardigans, tartan
Enviable accessories: Skinny belts, broaches, trench coats and scarves
We’d like to see them in: Eddie Redmayne not in those crazy wide leg pants. Was that really a style?

Best dressed animated/puppet character in a motion picture

Miss Piggy as herself in The Muppets.

Go to look: Classic. Chanel suit
Enviable accessories: Gloves, statement rings, pearls, permanent purple eye shawdow and killer heels
We’d like to see her in: Anything from Christian Dior’s spring collection

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