Morning After: Mad About Megan

We called it March MADMEN-ness for a reason; as there were thousands of ways things could have played out on last night’s Mad Men premiere. However, what we did not expect was Megan Draper to make a clean sweep or to go 120 minutes without an appearance from Betty Draper!

First and foremost, congratulations to those of you who got your bisou bisou on and selected Megan as your champion, well-deserved victory! It seemed to be all about her last night: her attitude, the fact she knows all about Dick Whitman (!), her insane burlesque performance, and her odd choice to clean in lingerie.

While much of the cast stayed the same, such as Pete Campbell remaining the most insufferable character on television; a lot caught us off guard as well. Below are our highlights and lowlights:

Best dressed female: Megan Draper. Loved her long sleeve short-skirted black dress she wore to the party. Also the bright orange dress she wore the following Monday at the office was perfection.

Best dressed male: Roger Sterling. Our favourite silver fox was drippin swagoo all night long. Obsessed.

Worst dressed: Peggy Olsen. Peggy Olsen, after 17 long months you still aren’t quite dressing for your body, but we love you regardless!
Dishonorable mentions: Joan's mother, shower cap and unflattering pants. Enough said.

Most Awkward Moment: Peggy and Pete looking at that baby together! Genius.
Honorable mention: Bisou Bisou. What an insane performance that was.

Most comical moments: Pete Campbell running into the cement pillar. Comedy gold really.
Honorable mentions: Harry Crane, Roger Sterling and basically everyone at SCDP making fun of bisou bisou.

Best sexual innuendo: Don referring to Joan as buxom. After Jon Hamm’s Joan/Don tryst insinuation we are of course subtly reading into everything!

Biggest creeper: Lane Pryce. Keeping that photo of Dolores, consider youself judged!
Honourable mention: Joan’s building maintenance man, take a cue from Peggy and wash your hands before holding a baby (although Pegs we saw right through that lie ...)

Worst Couple: Roger and Jane Sterling. How harsh was it when he told her to shut up?! (SIDE NOTE: what is in Long Island?) or when he said, “Why don’t you sing to me like that?” to which she replied, “Why don’t you look like that? (in reference to Don!)”

Peggy's pearl of wisdom we should all adhere to: “I shouldn’t be allowed to drink at work parties.”

Here's where we gave our points (we will leave out the unclaimed pointers):

1. First person on screen (2 points) Sally
2. First person to deliver a line (3 points) Don
3. First person to smoke/light a cigarette (2 points) Don
6. First person to check out Joan (5 points) Roger
7. First people to have sex (5 points) Don and Megan (in an oddly violent manner!)
8. First person to remove an article of clothing (5 points) Megan (we gave this to her when she not so subtly flashed Don some clev in his office!)
9. First person to tell an obvious lie (3 points) Peggy, for lying about her dirty hands when asked to hold Joan's baby!
12. First person to yell at Peggy (6 points) Megan, after we oddly thought they were friends and that Peggy was sort of her boss...
15. First person to perform adultery (4 points)Lane (he is the creepiest of creepsters when looking at the old photo of Dolores!)
16. First person Don Draper scolds (3 points; double the points if it happens in front of a room full of people) Megan (re: the party, she is learning the hard way that Don doesn't appreciate these trivial moves)
17. First person to do any actual work (2 points) Peggy, of course.
18. If anyone of ethnicity (non-Caucasian) appears on screen, all get 10 points (result! we think the amount of ethnic people can only mean an interesting season with lots of race issues.)
19. First person to deliver icy cold stare (5 points) Joan, after entering office with pram with no assistance from that meek assistant
20. First person to start an argument (3 points) Jane Sterling
21. First person to two-face someone (4 points) Roger two facing his own wife, no surprise there.
23. First male to show up in a three-piece suit (3 points) Roger. Swoon.
24. First female to show up in pants (2 points) Megan
26. First person to engage in office gossip (3 points) Peggy, she really went after the goods on Don from Megan
28. First person to reference a current event (1 point) Roger
29. First person to cry (1 point) Megan
30. First person to hold a meeting (1 point, 5 points if it's in their own office) Pete and in his own office!

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