Anatomy of a Hottie: Olympic Edition

Before you say anything, we are sorry team Canada. You totally have a lot of hotties to offer us, Alexandre Despatie, Adam van Koeverden, Brent Hayden, Alexandre Despatie and even that guy who looks shockingly like Kanye West (can anyone identify him?). But they haven't won gold medals (yet!) and ever since we saw that Vogue cover, American & now three time medal winner Ryan Lochte has really captured our feminine attentions. Win or lose, weird tweets & all we are glued to the tv when this guy is in the pool.

And if that isn't enough, watch this video of the almost too good looking American swim team and tell us you didn't swoon at the 1 minute mark:

Also, for your future reference check out the aforementioned, very crush worthy Canadian hotties still yet to compete in the games:

Happy Olympics,


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