2012 Summer Olympics: Harper Hits London

A lot of futile speculation surrounded the seemingly neglected David Beckham's participation in the London 2012 opening ceremonies. Really, what I wanted to speculate about was if style icon and arm candy Harper Beckham would be involved. She was not.

I find it deplorable that such a British icon as she was overlooked. Her royal highness the Queen was there, Daniel Craig participated and even that insufferable Sir Paul McCartney flopped about. I am left dumbfounded.

Much like her father, over the past while Harper has devoted a lot of her time to Olympic preparations. Taking time out of her busy, wool tight wearing schedule to help her father train for his now publicized role of Olympic torch "deliverer". Below is a look back at that important training:

And only because I know you are as obsessed with her as I, and want her to get the praise she so deserves I've taken this opportunity to create Harper Seven Beckham her own Olympic profile:

Country Great Britain

Sport Being fierce

Born 2011

Age 1

Height 26 ½ inches

Weight 21 lbs.

Happy Olympics,


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