Kids that are dripping swaggoo

It's no secret that PPBB is a fan of fashionable kids (evidence) but just looking these little style mavens has me flustered. They are way too cool, it's almost life-affirming. Dripping of swaggoo.

I'm dying to birth out a couple of mixed race babies and raise him and her (twins obvi) solely for the purpose of fashionization. Made it up.

Looking at these perfect little pumpernickels caused me to take a look back and reflect on my own fashion choices of yesteryear. Now it's easy to blame your parents, mostly your mother and there's no doubt your grandmother had a hand in some of it, but i am certain that you too, from a young age, began to assert your individuality through bizarre clothing choices. Looking, of course, nothing like the above.

NOTICE: I don't know any of these kids personally nor have anything close to permission to use their photos on my blog. I just spotted them on Pinterest. That makes it ok right? I know shit can get weird with kids on the internet and stuff.

Enviously yours,

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