Morning After: The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards

Obviously the Emmy Awards suffered from some horrible audio problems last night, but we managed to hear the most important thing: Winners thanking beautiful woman named Lauren (everywhere we assume) for being the loves of their lives (one of us pretended Aaron Paul was speaking directly to her.) And though we were left wondering about a few things: What was Jimmy Kimmel saying for the first two minutes? Why does Chris Harrison get overlooked in the Reality Host Category? Where were all the British actors on the Red Carpet? How could Aziz Ansari pretend to be British, but forget to be a gentleman? Were those photographers to the side of the stage real? When, in the name of Dawson's ever-flowing tears, did James Van der Beek get hot?

Here is what we are clear on:  

Best Dressed Gentlemen: Jon Hamm in Armani, Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (we love the waistcoat!), and Aaron Paul  

Best Dressed Ladystar: Lucy Lui in Versace  

Mad Style: All the ladies of Mad Men chose great dresses. Our French Canadienne girl Jessica ParĂ© looked smashing and we loved January Jones' dress, but her hair and makeup was une catastrophe! And the only explanation for Peggy's (Elizabeth Moss) remarkable transformation is GIRLFRIEND FINALLY GOT A STYLIST!  

Worst Ladies: Connie Britton in Judith Lieber, Hayden Panetierre in Marchesa. What an eyesore when those two outfits crashed into each other onstage.   

Most Improved (aka people who got hot in time for Emmy): James Van Der Beek, Julianne Hough and Anna Chlumpsky (yes, Vada Sultenfuss)  

Hot couple alert: Kat Dennings and Nick Zano, Julianna Margulies and HOTTIE     

Cute couple alert: Ellen and Portia  

Sister Wives Strike Again: Lena Dunham and Mayim Bialik  

Colour gone right:

Colour gone wrong:  

Christian Greys:  

Bouffant failure: Ashley Judd  

Bouffant Success: Tina Fey

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