Morning After: Girls Season 2 Premiere

So last night it seems like all the cool people of NYC got together to watch the premiere episode of Girls while the rest of us chumps have to wait until Sunday (even worse for the folks without HBO who are forced to catch up on monday...i.e. us). Anyway, our Instagram feeds were blowing up with celebs demonstrating their superior status as attendees. Everyone from Questlove to Hilary Rhoda were boasting about the event. Mozel.

Ignore our bitching and see the cast all dressed up!

We must say that Shoshanna looks adorable and we are dying to know what Zosia Mamet is like in real life. Unfortunately, the talented Lena Dunham can't seem to help herself from looking like a mess. That's harsh we know. But when you are directing, writing and starring in your own show on cable and are NOT Sarah Jessica Parker, hire a stylist for goodness sakes. Marnie looks great!

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