Monday Links: When Animals Attack Edition

For anyone who knows us, you may be surprised to learn that we are fascinated by more than just incest and its various incarnations. Another one of our misguided obsessions is animal attacks! Last week a couple in British Columbia were attacked by a mama bear while hiking (and people ask why we avoid nature when possible). This got us thinking about all the infamous animal attacks and how much we love recounting them to unknowing acquaintances and passerbys...

Here are some links to help you pass the time:

1. Two terrifying chimp attacks: The Worst Story I Ever Heard and Travis the Menace

2. This slideshow on Slate about the History of Grizzlies in Yellowstone is absolutely captivating!

3. If, after that long and thrilling read, you need a more human (if not unsettling and comical) portrayal of man and beast interacting we urge you to watch Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man.

4. And of course we don't want to throw you out into the wilderness scared and traumatized fresh off reading these awful animal attacks with no means to protect yourselves. So we leave you with this helpful guide.

Happy Monday, stay safe.

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