Morning After: Met Gala 2012

We don't think it is a coincidence that the Met Gala overlaps with good old high school Prom season. It is A-List Prom and fashion is everyone's date of choice.

For your enjoyment and unadulterated judgement we have summed up the night's dominant looks.

Couleur du Jour: ORANGE This colour has simply taken over the red carpet! And we adore it! Ginnifer Goodwin is looking particularly smashing in her tangerine gown. Whereas Kirsten Dunst looks like Olive Oyl. As in Popeye and Olive Oyl. Also, Kirsten, you are not 90 and as much as we wish it, this isn't Downton Abbey.

Too Sparkly for Words: Bonjour sparkles and beautiful metallics! These glitterati are covered head to toe in the flashiest of fabrics. This category is extensive and can only be explained as scintillating and in some cases very Game of Thrones chic.

Feather Bottoms: Here name was all seriousness, we approve of these looks (Aside from Beyonce. As much as it pains us to admit, Baby Blue can't save you here, this is a total miss dearest Bey). Diane Kruger's frock looks wonderfully like a volumous nightgown that could only be worn in St. Tropez.

Diaphanous Lace: These ladystars (and Marc Jacobs) are riding that lace wave championed by her royal highness the Duchess of Cambridge. It's a look we both agree is appropriate for the season and sophisticated enough for the event. Marc Jacobs, you fickle prankster!

Sister Wives: The red carpet is no place to flaunt your insecurities or to subtly reveal your stance on polygamy. Although we kinda like Sister Mia Wasikowska's maroon dress. But are those pit stains or just a shadow?

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