Bennifer Revisited

Remember back in 2003 when Ben Affleck allegedly visited a Vancouver strip club, one day after appearing in that awful Dateline special with then fiancĂ©e Jennifer Lopez?! Of course you remember, that's the kind of earth shattering news this hemisphere was built on. One month later Hollywood’s hottest couple were dunzo.

Well, embarrassingly, history seems to be repeating itself as Casper Smart allegedly attended a peep show in the back of some gay sex shop last week; on the eve of Jennifer’s birthday no less! In some sort of attempt to survive this recent exotic misadventure, Smart claimed to have been “lost,” his acting is almost as bad as Affleck's (ZING!). But in an effort to become a more positive individual, I will choose to remain optimistic, if only because I am secretly obsessed with these two; but lets regroup in 30 days.

Don’t worry Jenny,

You will live

You will love

You will dance again…

But, as we wait out the latest of J. Lo's romantic pursuits, let's enjoy these fabulous, if not intimately revealing and equally hot music videos …

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got,


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