The Ultimate Role Model

Miss Piggy exhibits all the elegance, charisma and over confidence that any prima donna needs in order to actuate her status and self-preservation. I wholeheartedly believe Miss Piggy considers classic beauties like Sofia Lauren and Marilyn Monroe as her contemporaries and let me say, I concur.

Throughout the decade we refer to as the 90’s, the whole Muppet gang was a constant fixture in the Caitlin imagination. Between the tender ages of 3 to 12, Miss Piggy seemed to epitomize style and grace in my mind, and her relationship with Kermit was what I was striving for and let’s face it, still am.

In my humble opinion a huge aspect of Piggy’s charm and star power lies in her eye shadow. It’s flattering, timeless and permanent. I realize most Muppets do appear to be wearing eye shadow in addition to a thick stroke of black eyeliner, but Piggy’s eyes are exemplified by thick enviable lashes.

She is the closest a non-human will ever get to Hollywood glamour. And A-List Glamour she does achieve while rocking a decidedly curvy figure that can only best be described in her own words as an “extra fabulous, give me some of that figure.”

If the above mentioned isn’t enough to convince you of Miss Piggy’s gumption, she often refers to herself as moi. Yes, she uses it incorrectly as a personal pronoun when it’s actually an object, but I can tell you that moi owns it.

In fabulousness,


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